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Green Tea: Can You Lose Weight With It?

by Bruno Lopes 3 years ago in wellness
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Is it Healthy?

You can eat better by removing the most unhealthy food from your diet, leave behind all your cookies and sweets and don't put any more snacks in your mouth.

Combined with healthy snacks such as unsalted fruits and vegetables, you lose weight healthily and do not feel hungry.

Today, of course, there are different foods that help you lose weight. Were you aware that green tea is an example?

Healthy tea The loss of weight by tea doesn't sound great? If you're not a tea lover but want to lose more weight, then this article contains enough tips to drink more green tea.

To lose weight, of course, is not the solution, this requires more than just drinking the tea. But, if you now replace drinks like soft drinks or lemonade with green tea, it benefits you tremendously.

It's very good It's tea with many positive functions. It is still a pretty new tea in Europe and has been popular in Asian countries for centuries.

During the evening meal, many Asian people drink tea. People in Europe drink black tea and tea with varying aromas. Green tea is growing popular as we learn more about the various health effects of this tea.

Studies show green tea:

-pain reliefs and stress relieves.

-It contains antibacterial functions, cancer protection, and fungal protection.

-Protects from different diseases and disorders.

-Reduces bad cholesterol (BCD) effects and increases the HDL effects.

-Let your metabolism function.

-A material (ECGC) ensures that fat is converted to energy and thus contributes to the weight loss.

-It has an anti-Alzheimer and Parkinson preventive intervention.

-The resistance increases and helps to prevent colds.

-The L-theanine encourages sleep during the night.

These are several reasons why this tea is healthy. Not only is it right for your overall resistance, it also helps you weight loss. It is good to know that there is a small portion of theine in this tea.

Theine, like caffeine, has a stimulating effect. A glass of green tea has 30-45 mg theine on the average, which is much lower than a cup of coffee. The size of a cup of coffee is 90 to 150 mg of theine.

What are the number of cups you drink each day?

Now that you know green tea is good, today you would like, of course, to drink your first cup. But how many cups must you drink green tea daily for the benefit of many?

I would advise you to drink no more than 3-4 cups of green tea per day. You then have sufficient active substances to use this healthy tea.

More cups can be drunk daily, but not more than 10 cups daily. It is not advisable to drink too much of it because of the amount of theine in your tea.

It's important to make this healthy tea in the right way to enjoy it. You can do that incorrectly? It is certainly known for its bitter taste to many people.

That's because, in the boiling water, you put the teabag. You must let the water cool down to make green tea. Let the water cool down to about 80 ยฐ C. Then put your tea bag in water for 3 to 4 minutes and leave it sitting.

Isn't green tea delicious?

You can drink green tea and have a bitter taste. You might not have allowed the water to cool and the tea has a sharp flavor.

If you don't like it, there are now enough options to add an additional flavor.

Some tea manufacturers have lemon green tea and different kinds of jasmine and other flavor additions are also available. It's a matter of taste and the tea is right for you.

If you're not used to drinking it, it's a matter of getting used to it. Then continue with a green tea with lemon or some addition.

This will make it the best way to become part of your daily diet. And find a few times a day to enjoy your tea. Do that at breakfast, lunch, and at night.


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