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God of Walking: One Tip to Bring Them All

by Sigmund Carlson 2 years ago in fitness
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Trending gods are the new fad. Machines and quasi futurist gyms are incapable of beating the mighty God of Walking.

God of Walking: One Tip to Bring Them All
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Step by step, and you'll conquer the world. Extra benefits come for praying God of Walking: laser-focus, new writing ideas, a drop of blood pressure, and antidepressant effects.

Enter in a gym, putting in your fancy clothes and smashing one hour the weights and machines become irrelevant if you can't walk for 1 hour as a minimum.

Even guys bigger than a Torreiffel are out of breath after taking a brisk walking for 1 mile, such a spectacle. Anthropologies showed the truth: our feet are a clear signal that likely walking should be our first activity.

Taking a stroll combines with everything, and if regularly doing, you'll drop not only weight but also strengthen your whole body (upper-body included).

How is that possible? Sedentary-life style is having an impact on our body and mind. Going to the gym for 1 hour 4 or 5 days a week isn't going to guarantee significant health benefits, if after you are a potato-couch.

Get the best of both worlds

Walking is a low-impact exercise and improves your mood. Simplicity is another attractive. There is no need for a gym, beautiful places, or whatever, only your willpower, and a bit of ground it all you need.

But, for the champions of a healthy lifestyle and true ownership, strength training is a must-do. Push-ups and Squats are your weapons of massive gainings.

Combining 1-hour walking plus push-ups and squats guarantees a whole-body workout, and if you are confined, it can be done in every place (even the restroom).

7000 steps, 10.000 steps, or 12.000 steps?

Harley Pasternak, a fitness celebrity coach, assured 12.000 steps was an obligation for his clients. National Health Department advocates regularity, around 30 minutes, 5 days a week for beginners.

Magic numbers don't have any bases. The 10.000 steps myth came around in 1960 ads from a Japanese company selling pedometers. Make things simple is the way that changes take place, and your mental health will improve.

Healthy combination

Perfect fit-tips for all are unicorns, but it's understandable to get some help in the beginning. The Internet is our primary source of information. You could quickly feel overwhelmed with contradictions and studies of all kinds. However, two things are proved: walking is always beneficial and improve serotonin levels.

Easy workout

By James Barr on Unsplash

A promise is a promise, so let's make things happen and easy:

Day 1: 45 minutes walking - 10 squats - 10 push-ups

Day 2: 45 minutes brisk-walking - 20 squats - 20 push-ups

Day 3: 1-hour walking

Day 4: 1-hour brisk-walking - 30 squats- 30 push-ups

Day 5: 2-hour walking

Day 6 and 7: 1-hour walking

Fit it into your schedule. Worked for me improving my health and drop my anxiety. Ideally, you should do it at the same time, but more important is to be constant, and you will enjoy a good time.

Remember, keep your focus on doing something every day. Don't feel bad if one day you do less or nothing, pressure yourself isn't good. Zen philosophy makes a point here: What we do is nothing but a drop in the ocean, but if we didn't do it, the ocean would be one drop less

Meditation and Walking

Changing the way you see life only comes with a focus on details. Walking is perfect for meditating, and you'll kill two birds with a stone. I could never sit right, close my eyes, etc. But, when I do my exercise, focus on breath patterns, the sound of steps, wind, or traffic jams.

Zen-path is not easy, whatever x-guru said.

Eat less and moderate exercise

Counterintuitive as it sounds, the way to a longer life and improving energy is less exercise and less food. Fitness pals make good cash with the mantra: "no pain, no gain."

Exercise, when done in excess, is a bad idea. Even elite athletes suffer burnout because of hardcore training.

Eat 5 times a day is a mistake. The human body needs fuel, but also need rest and make proper digestion, and refines carbohydrates are the killers of your health. Pure refined sugar is related to premature death and cardiac failure before the 40s.

Winners formula: eat less + moderate exercise - refined carbohydrates = True Ownership


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Sigmund Carlson

History is the tragedy of life; poetry the epitome.

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