Ghosts and Astral Projection

There will be a three part series of articles that will attempt to dive into the nature of three types of spirits: ghosts, demons and poltergeists.

Ghosts and Astral Projection

New Age is a form of spirituality with a focus on the well being of the mind, body and spirit. However, there is a form of esotericism that is involved. Many New Agers start to perform different rituals and deal with different forms of occultism. What many people are not aware of is that within the word “spirituality,” the word spirit is the root word there. Whenever you decide that you want to do any type of ritual, prayer, or invoking ceremony be aware that spirits are all around you. Like the movie Insidious said, “If you call out to one of the dead. All of them can hear you.” So do not take invocation lightly. You can invoke when playing different spirit games like the Ouija board, when using pendulums, automatic writing and dowsing rods. No matter what you decide to do, just be aware that you can end up with someone or something that you don’t want coming around. Now I’m not saying, “Don’t do these things because it’s bad.” On the contrary, all of these things are tools to be used when you are ready and have done extensive reading and training. With that being said, I want to talk about three different types of spirits.

We need to understand that there is going to be spirits all around us. At all times. This thought can be extremely freighting or calming, depending on how you look at it. They may be malevolent, which means wishing to do harm or evil. They may be benevolent, spirits trying to help us. However, their end result, in my opinion, is to try to absorb some type of energy from us. Our energy is the equivalent of food. So there will be a series of articles that will attempt to dive into the nature of three types of spirits: ghosts, demons and poltergeists. These three are vastly different in nature. However, their nature is different than what we perceive of them from the movies. In order to better understand these three creatures, we must try to understand what they are, what their purpose is. This article will be observing the ghost aspect and will include an astral projection experience.

Ghosts and Astral Projection

So as we all may already know, ghosts are spirits of deceased humans that have decided to not pass on. This may have been obvious — but it is true. An interesting aspect of ghosts is that sometimes they are residual and sometimes they are aware. When a ghost is residual, it is not aware of its surroundings. It will relive a moment in its life over and over. For the most part, the moment it relives is the moment it died. One of the only ways that a ghost becomes residual is when the human suffers a horrible death. When a ghost is aware, it knows that it is dead. These type of spirits wander all around earth. Sometimes they are trying to accomplish something they didn’t when they were alive or they want something. I have noticed in my experience that ghosts like to be around humans because our energy provides them with nourishment to stay around. If they do not absorb energy, they will pass on and that will be the end of them.

Ghosts, by nature are generally harmless creatures. They cannot physically or spiritually harm us. The ones that have more experience in the spirit world have the ability to enter our dreams, change moods, and affect the way that we perceive things. They do this again, to try to absorb energy from us so that they stay around. Last year, I went to a gas station and there was a horrible car accident. I was with my brother and my girlfriend. I immediately told them, “Someone died. I’m not sure how I know. I just feel death here.” My brother looked at me like I was some type of weirdo. My girlfriend, however, is more experienced and knowledgeable with spirits. She told me she felt it too. She said that we should leave of there quickly. So I finished filling up the gas tank and I drove home. I had this odd feeling that something had attached it self to me. I brushed it off and decided that I was just paranoid. When I went to sleep, I started having these horrific nightmares. I remember thinking to myself in my dream, “What are these dreams? I never think about these types of horrors.” As soon as I said that I pushed myself out of my body and I quickly realized that I was astral projecting. This was not my first experience and after my first time I read all about astral projection and watched plenty of videos. However, this was not the experience that I wanted at all. I looked down and saw myself sleeping next to my girlfriend. My attention was then drawn across the room and I saw a man sitting in my chair. The chair has a swivel on it. I specifically remember having the chair facing away from my bed because it had my backpack on it. When I looked over there the man had swiveled the chair and was facing me. I remember being filled with fear and I started yelling at him. He was just smiling. I remember him talking but his mouth wasn’t moving. It was like he was speaking to me telepathically. He started to fill my mind with what I remember being his life. I realized that I didn’t want to deal with this because if he was the one who died at the gas station, I didn’t want to be responsible for him moving on or worse, having death pass to my house and taking someone in my house. The last thing that I remember was my energy draining and the amount of fear that I had and I told him to leave because he was not welcome and it was not his house. He told me told me that he was going to stay there. I began to pray to God and I called to Archangel Michael. As soon as I did, I got this feeling of warmth and protection and the look on the ghost's face was pure fear. He immediately disappeared and I was pulled back into my body. I woke up and it was 3AM. I turned the light on and saw the chair with my backpack facing me.

I share this experience not to scare you but to share my experience with astral projection and ghosts. There will be another article on demons and poltergeists!

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