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Getting used to varifocal or progressive lenses

by Specs Cart 3 days ago in advice

Are there any side effects of varifocal glasses?

Getting used to varifocal or progressive lenses

As we grow older, our eyes tend to get weaker. The lenses in our eyes gradually lose their flexibility. This makes it tougher to focus on objects up close, like reading a book or text on a phone screen. This condition is called presbyopia or near-sightedness, and usually affects people in their 40s. It is corrected by using prescription reading glasses.

But what if you already wear glasses to correct far-sightedness? People used to wear bi-focal glasses in such a case, which have a clear division in the lenses. The top part of the lens is used to see far-off things and the bottom part for nearby objects.

The major disadvantage with bifocal lenses is that they don’t offer much vision correction for intermediate distances, for example, while working on a computer. There is a “jump” in the vision as we shift our eyes since there’s not a seamless transition. Another disadvantage is that the division is clearly visible to others, so it hampers the look of the glasses, while also giving away the age.

Enter varifocals!

Progressive or Varifocal Glasses

These are new high technology lenses that offer vision correction for near, intermediate and far distances. This is embedded inside the lens, so there are no lines segregating the parts. It looks like you’re wearing normal single vision lenses! There's a much smoother and gradual change in vision. While they take some getting used to, they offer a high-quality vision to people.

Are there any side effects?

Like any new prescription glasses, your eyes take some time to get used to progressive lenses. In the case of single vision lenses, it can be up to 2 weeks, while for progressives it can be around 4 weeks. Since these are sort of digital lenses, your eyes take some time to understand them. When you start wearing varifocal lenses, you might experience slight eye strain, headache, or dizziness. But this is completely normal - it is like a new visual world for your brain, and it just needs time to adjust. New users sometimes also talk of a “swimming” effect in vision - this happens because of distortions in the peripheral vision. (This happens less frequently in better quality varifocal lenses. You can find these cheap premier varifocal glasses here).

Tips on wearing varifocal lenses

1. Don’t give up too early!

As mentioned before, give your eyes and brain the time they need to adjust. This is different for every individual. If the problems persist for more than a month, contact your optician. It is also important to wear them throughout the day.

2. Point your nose

A good way of adjusting quicker is to point your nose where you want to look, instead of shifting your eyes. For example, while reading a book we are more used to moving our eyes up and down as we scan a page. But while wearing varifocal glasses when you find a comfortable looking position through the lens, you might feel the need to slightly tilt your neck upwards as you read through a page.

3. Alter your routine

People usually face problems while walking or climbing up or downstairs. You just need to stop the urge to look downwards while walking. Also, try and mix up your routine a bit. When you habituated to walking down a certain path, your eyes and brain stop focusing much. To avoid that, take a new route so that your mind stays alert.

4. Don’t wear any other pair in between

No cheat days allowed! Fight the urge to wear your old glasses for more comfort - think about the long term.

5. Avoid important tasks like driving for a few days

There might be some discomfort or disorientation during the initial period, so avoid tasks like driving.

6. Wear glasses with the best fit for yourself

When you check the prices of varifocal glasses, make sure you’re getting premier quality ones that offer the widest field of vision. It’s important that they fit well and sit on your nose perfectly.

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