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Get Rid of Stomach Fat for Summer With This At-Home HIIT Routine (Video)

by Nicole Allen 2 years ago in fitness

Tone and burn stomach fat.

Get Rid of Stomach Fat for Summer With This At-Home HIIT Routine (Video)

Full Workout:

  • Plank Jacks - 30 Seconds
  • Mountain Climbers (knees to corresponding side's elbow)- 30 Seconds
  • Rest- 15 Seconds
  • -Repeat 2x-
  • Leg Raises (suck in belly button, keep lower stomach in U-shape, raise and lower legs slowly)- 30 Seconds
  • Russian Twist - 30 seconds
  • Rest- 15 Seconds
  • -Repeat 2x-
  • Plate (or dumbbell) Sit Up - 30 Seconds
  • Plate (or dumbbell) Crunch - 30 Seconds
  • Plate (or dumbbell) Sit Up With Rotation - 30 Seconds
  • Bicycle Crunch - 30 Seconds
  • Rest - 30 Seconds
  • -Repeat 2x-
  • Chair In & Outs - 30 Seconds
  • Single Arm Row (Keep Core Tight) - 30 Seconds EACH SIDE
  • Rest - 15 Seconds
  • -Repeat 2 times-

What is HIIT?

H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, this means you will do high energy, intense movements for short intervals (in this workout, I did 30 seconds) followed by short rest periods for recovery. These intense sessions burn more calories than long periods of cardio and maintain muscle mass rather than burning it off. The intense bursts of energy also floods your body with adrenaline and endorphins, making you feel awesome after training. To properly do a HIIT routine, you need to give the high intesnisty movements your absolute all, exerting all your possible energy into the short bounds followed by a short recovery or rest interval (in this workout, I did 15 seconds) and then back to exerting all your energy into an intense movement.

Can we really spot reduce?

Technically, we cannot decide exactly where the fat will come off in our body. That is up to our bodily system, and depends on our unique body types. BUT that does not mean that we can't help the process by focusing on our "worst" parts. For example, I have a body type that stores most of my fat in my lower stomach, back, and arms. So I focus on those areas most throughout the week. Those are my "trouble" areas. My butt and legs do not store fat as quickly or easily, so I think of my leg and glute days as toning days, to keep everything tight and proportional.

Studies have shown that if we work specific areas building muscle, the area will tone and we will burn the fat. But these studies also inform us that you have to eat well to successfully target your trouble areas. Meaning you can't do abs every single day and eat a box of doughnuts right just doesn't work that way. So, how does it work? Your body doesn't like to burn fat, it's picky.

First, your body prefers to burn glucose, or sugar and carbohydrates. It also likes to save some of that glucose. So, if you lessen the amount of sugar and unhealthy carbs you intake, your body will reach into its glucose storage units and burn up the rest of the glucose it has stored. Then, it will move into fat storage and start using your stored fat for energy. This is how you teach your body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose. This is how you teach your body to burn off all those trouble areas on your body.

So, ultimately you do lose weight by ingesting less carbs than you burn, but that's the easy part, because once you start losing weight, your body holds on to stubborn parts it thinks it might need for survival and you have to reprogram it to burn the right things at the right time.


With the combination of short cardio sessions or HIIT, strength training, and attention to the amount of sugar/unhealthy carbs/glucose you intake, you will quickly and easily burn off that extra tummy fat just in time for summer!

Be human and take control your life and your body!

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