Clean Eating
Clean Eating

From 270 lbs to 175 lbs

by Duch DeLuca 12 months ago in weight loss

Venture with Me on an HCG & Keto 95 lb Journey

From 270 lbs to 175 lbs

First a bit about me. I am a wife, a mother, a student, a sister, a writer but most of all, I am ME! Now it is my hope that many of you enjoy this entry, and it is okay for those of you who do not. In this article as all others I write, I will be blunt as I always am. You may think me vulgar or inappropriate, so be you faint of the plain truth perhaps you should stop reading now and find something about knitting or wreath making. Alas if you are like me in all the ways I mention or maybe even just one, I urge you to follow me in this journey.

I will share the truth no matter how unpleasant it may sound, for if I will not be honest with you... WHO WILL? I will tell you about everything I shall experience on this path to a happier, healthier me.

Right now I am stressed by the simple act of having to open my closet to get dressed. The clothes I once wore mock me, almost seemingly taunting my self-esteem as they exclaim in their own way "ha you are too fat to wear us." Meanwhile, the clothes I can wear seem to lessen on a daily basis, and well... I'M SICK OF IT. I also suffer from back problems due to a surgical procedure when I was 25. I have spinal stenosis, excessive scar tissue from the surgery, arthritis in my hips and after a recent slip in the tub, I can no longer sit Indian style. I need to be more active as I AM very ACTIVE! Alas at the end of the day I am in a great deal of pain and way too tired. Too tired to watch a movie with hubbs, or even to bend into those wonderful and enticing sex positions as we lose ourselves in one another. Shoot, forget the nifty positions, I am just too tired for sex. This is a NO BUENO. I am an Aries and as such I LOVE sex. I mean obviously did you miss the portion where I said I am a mother, a mother of four to be exact? I wish to run and jump with them, play in the rain, shit walk up the gosh damn stairs without becoming winded and needing to sit for a few before doing that which took me up the stairs to begin with.

So now to the point to study, be a mom, a wifey, maybe even have the energy to go out with hubbs now and then, I have devised my own weight loss idea. Now, this is not a new concept—new to me, but that is all. I have done the research; Keto with HCG is a far from a new idea, as a matter of fact, the Milwaukee Dermatology and Medical Spa Blog goes into great detail of how the two absolutely work well in tandem. I also found HCG Chica (she has a YouTube channel) is also very helpful, but if you are reading this I urge you to do your own research.

I received my HCG kit today and Sunday I shall make my usual trip to the grocery store for our weekly supply. The twist, this trip will be all keto friendly ingredients. Now I love to cook and as Italians, I do a great deal of it, but to be clear since I re-enrolled in college after 20+ years Mio Man (hubby) has been doing a good share of the cooking too (he's Italian, I am Italian by "injection" <wink wink>). I have numerous "pins" on Pinterest, in case you are interested! The key is simple carbs and a minimal amount of those. There are also Keto strips, should I buy them I will be sure to let you know. There is a surplus of apps, sites, and YouTube videos which will tell you all you need and wish to know. Of course, when I learn something new I will be sure to share.

Please know as I go through this I WILL share my "movements" should I feel such sharing is absolutely pertinent to this mission of mine, sex drive, and my increases and/or decreases of obviously my weight, and all aspects of energy and general health, Though I am considered morbidly obese my health, in general, is exceptional. No diabetes, good, and cholesterol. In my post next week I will be sure to share a couple of documentaries which we found to be quite eye-opening.

Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely write in order to increase our household income, as my husband has acted as our sole financial provider for 15 years. But honestly, after all, do you not wish to read something truly intriguing, more so something inspirational? And so I write because I have been told I have a gift in communicating be it by way of the written word or just as a conversationalist. I write about this portion of my life because we desire so much to first and foremost love ourselves, and as Mama RuPaul always says, "if you can't love yo'self how in the hell you gonna love anybody else!"

Each week I will write and share, I will be sure to include pictures when but only when I feel there is a noticeable difference. Later I will also include details about exercise as we have a YMCA membership and I plan to incorporate a liquid cardio class and gluteus routine, but we shall touch on that further down the road! With that, I hope you enjoy this journey with me if only in reading or if you too wish to accompany me on my path to healthier living!

Until next week, stay tight & stay tight!

Side Note: These may seem unnecessarily graphic but they are honest in nature. This is all to support the entirety of my path to a more thin healthier self. Please note the lighting in some may make me look unbecoming. Honesty is KEY!

Real & Honest Pictures

HCG, B12, Syringes, Tape measure, Bac Water

Butt & Thigh

Make note of the cellulite in the thighs and fat rolls in the back.

Butt & Thigh Side View

Me at the YMCA

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How does it work?
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