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Fresh start

by Tiffany Reitzel about a year ago in wellness
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2021 and beyond...

I welcomed this new year in hope. I know the world we are living in is seemingly daunting and most people are doing their best to get by. I wanted to promise myself one thing for this new year. In 2021 I will be ringing it in to host a new wellness ideal for myself and to possibly inspire others too. In 2021 I will welcome a new outlook on life and health. I will be starting to pay for my doctor's visits while living here in Canada. Why you might ask? To be frank and endearing; it is to harness my health issues and to find an honest doctor. You see I have struggled with finding a good doctor who is truly honest and will listen to concerns. So I looked into a completely different idea in its own based off of curiosity. I now have an Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in whole-self health. Mind, body and spirit connection to living a fulfilled lifestyle. I have had struggled with health issues in my not so far past that left me with no answers. So I decided to look into using herbal remedies to supplement the body’s natural processes. I will also be exercising more and literally attacking the idea of it in a fun way. I will be using a virtual reality headset to learn how to box and really grab exercise by the horns so to speak. Enough about the physical though. Mentally I will continuously embark on feeding my mind with healthy thoughts and affirmations. I use to feed it poison with hate speech and attack myself on the daily which spiraled into a vicious circle that would only make my mental health dwindle by the hour. To give my mind the medicine that it needs to grow stronger every day and build a health self-talk and lingo. To feed my mind with knowledge and help it grow sharp and rigid like a sword. Now spiritually is where a lot of others may not agree but I feel it is the most needed personally. The spiritual side will be filled with nature hikes and practicing Indigenous Culture & Ceremonies. This beautiful side of my heritage has proven to help me feel whole and fulfilled. Practicing smudge in my own home and sharing this with my children is something that I am proud to now know. I have journeyed from my lands in Nova Scotia to Alberta and have been blessed to meet Elder's and truly beautiful people to help build my knowledge of practice and be able to share with my family back home. Beyond will only tell in time where my journey will take me but I feel like I have finally found my path. My running shoes are on to embrace the journey ahead instead of hide in fear. My hopes and aspirations are flickering bright like a camp fire in the night. I know that my path is filled with rocks that may cause me to trip and even fall but I am motivated to keep pressing on. I envision my beyond in years to come to house successes like promotions at my job or even as great as being able to teach and help in Cultural Ceremonies while on the Sacred Land. To be able to help others embrace this beautiful Culture and find joy and peace in it as I do. My path has always been in the direction to help others and I will bring the well-rounded health and wellness that I practice to the table and teach others whenever the opportunity is granted!


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