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Four expert tips to help you buy genuine crystals online

One of the world’s wonderful creations is the crystals that are filled with energy and positive vibrations. They heal you, beautify you and calm you

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Four expert tips to help you buy genuine crystals online
Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

One of the world’s wonderful creations is the crystals that are filled with energy and positive vibrations. They heal you, beautify you and calm you in all kinds of challenging situations. But our question is, how do you buy crystals? Do you purchase from random online or offline stores just because they look pretty or are on a massive discount or sale? Or you do perform any research and analyse whether a crystal is genuine or not.

We have done our research and would love to educate you on the valuable and easy-to-apply tips to buy an excellent quality crystal and save money and time. While buying crystals, it is better to be careful of the following aspects and not purchase in a rush. So let us begin.

Identify your Intention and Set it Right

Our first question to you is – why do you want to buy crystals? Do you want to start a small business of crystal selling, or do you want to heal or use it as a therapy? Do you love collecting crystals for aesthetic purposes and decorating your house? Or do you want to invest in it? Remember that there is no right or wrong purpose for buying crystals; it is all your choice.

But setting a definite intention helps you make wise purchase decisions and saves a ton of your money. You can buy the right crystals, whether they are for therapeutic purposes or aesthetic ones.

Learn More about Crystals

Another effective way to buy perfect crystals (whatever purpose it is) is to educate yourself about them. For instance, if you want crystals for healing purposes, you need to know their background and features. You cannot depend on the seller to explain to you and pick up the right ones. Be careful; you might even end up in a scam if you are not aware of crystals enough. Read books, refer to dictionaries and other resources, talk to an expert friend, or go through the lists. The more you know about crystals, the better-quality crystal you will choose.

Go through the Website Carefully.

Online purchases could be a mess, we know very well. It is your responsibility to double-check the website, read the description and features carefully, and resolve your doubts with the help of the customer support team of the said brand. When you are awe-struck by the photos, ensure that they are real and not stock photography. Usually, multiple sellers might use the same image, and it will provide an idea of whether you should buy from them or not. Therefore, choose a reliable brand displaying original images and not the stocked ones.

Ensure that the Brand Website is Genuine

Though it sounds complex, it is easy to check the credibility of the brand. Do they have friendly customer support to attend to your queries anytime? Do they have an easy-peasy return policy? Have they provided the contact information clearly on the website? If a seller is slow in responding to your queries or does not display an accurate address, you can take the call.

Moreover, if the seller has a brick-and-mortar store in connection with the online presence, it will be an added benefit for you. You can personally check the store and buy crystal jewellery wholesale from them. You can ask your friends or relatives who regularly shop for crystals and have benefited from them. Or you can even talk to a gemologist or a related professional about some reliable brands.

In short, buying crystals and crystal jewellery requires substantial effort and research on your part. But it will pay off when you find the perfect ones.


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