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Florida Water

by Spiritual and Ratchet 10 months ago in spirituality

Because who has time to sage?

Agua De Florida which translates to Florida Water. The name references the "Fountain of Youth," said to be located in Florida. It made it's debut in the United States in 1808, popular among both men and women as an alcohol based, unisex cologne. Discovering it's myriad of uses, like curing a headache, relieving sore muscles, bug bites or even a sunburn; Florida water became a popular staple as a 'sacred water' amidst Santeria, Vudou, Hoodoo, and Wiccan practitioners.

The first time Florida water caught my eye, I was in a bodega (corner store) in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn. I had heard of Florida water before in one of my many books but never really cared to own it or learn about it. But there I was at the register purchasing my Arizona Ice Tea and .50 cent snack and some "dollar fronto" and behind the counter on the very very top shelf, next to soap and razors, was the traditional gold foil bottle with the fancy vintage artsy picture and a blueish-green hued tinted water. I told the guy I'll have that cologne on the top shelf. He made a strange face like I knew some kind of secret, and got a bottle for me. I believe it had cost something like $3.00.

So now what. Obviously I go to Pinterest. Search: Spiritual Uses of Florida Water. So many articles came up and recipes, tips and folklore. I was like, "where has this stuff been all my life!"

Many articles referred to Florida water as "liquid sage." For the most part, I would agree. I actually keep mine in a spray bottle so I can quickly spritz my auric field, a room, the interior of a car, my crystals, my mom when she starts giving me bad vibes asking too many questions; I even mist it on my twin baby boys after we visit people.

Basically, anytime I feel like an energy shift is needed in the room or if I'd like to give a lil' spritz of good juju before a task or ritual, I have a nice convenient accessible spray that's portable and doesn't produce smoke or leave a smell behind for very long. Speaking of the smell- if you look up what it is scented with you will find it to say scents blended from essentials oils like lemon, orange, ylang-ylang, lavender, rose, cedarwood, clove, jasmine, geranium, frankincense, juniper and cedarwood. Whilst those ingredients may actually be part of the process in making Florida water, I am here to tell you it smells like straight up aftershave. It is still a pleasing and comforting smell and also wares off quickly. There are many recipes for making your own, which I am interested in trying soon! That way I can know that the ingredients are pure and not toxic chemicals so when I go spraying it all over the house like a madwoman I know its safe for the babies and pets. Also, when you make your own intentional oils, water, and perfumes I feel like it has more power it in because your personal energy is infused into the bottle as well. Due to how cheap and nice the product is as is though it's definitely worth it to buy it for your spiritual arsenal.

Personally, I use the Florida water in a spray bottle as I have mentioned, I use it to cleanse any new spiritual items that I buy, I use it to clean my altar and candles off, I use it on rare occasions in the shower to pour over my body when I feel like I may be under some type of psychic attack or in need of a deep cleanse. I also have added it into the water on my steam mop and mopped the floors with it for added good luck and cleansing for the home.

I absolutely love sage and literally have 12 bundles in my closet right now-but sometimes you just can't light a whole stick of herbs on fire, open every window, and go through the entire process of smudging with a traditional sage stick. I have learned that Florida water can be substituted for many of the same uses in which people use for sage and holy water.

Agua De Florida has assumed a central role among shamans in the Peruvian Amazon for its magical purposes including: offerings to call upon spirits, cleansing and purification of negative influences in a space or people, for grounding, healing, protection, used in spells to remove unwanted thoughts and heavy vibrations, cleansing holy objects, for good luck, to calm a colicky baby or someone who talks too much, balancing a room with too much energy. There are a gazillion uses for Florida water and I hope you research them, and try it out for yourself. Doing your own research and finding what resonates with you personally is what is always best.

But for now I'd like to just call Florida water-----> the lazy girl sage!

With Blessings,




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