Five Main Eye Yoga to Get Rid of Glasses with Simple Eye Exercises

Some of the basic eye exercises which are essential in improving your vision

Five Main Eye Yoga to Get Rid of Glasses with Simple Eye Exercises
Eye Exercises

Yoga is one of the most natural and rejuvenating practices that is flourishing all around the globe. Several successful people, including celebrities, emphasize the incorporation of yoga in their daily lives. There are various asanas available to keep your body and mind healthy. However, did you know that you could potentially fix your eyesight problems with the help of yoga? Removing glasses with exercises is possible. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true!

Apart from bacterial infections, the primary cause of eye-problems is related to the strain. Eyes have ocular muscles, and due to intensive strain on them, we lose our eyesight. In the digital age, Computer vision Syndrome is also one of the most prevalent causes of sight impairment. All of these causes are related to the tension built on the eye. Mental and emotional tensions also contribute to the issue and even worsen the situation. However, if you follow these exercises, you will find progressive results that will help you.

These exercises are in series, so perform them one after another and follow this chart.

• Palming Exercise: This one is more intended for relaxation when your eyes start to feel exhausted. Stop whatever task you’re doing and move away to close your eyes. While your eyes are getting relaxed, rub your hand together, especially the palms. Let them get warm and then place them on top of your closed eyes. It will help in offering warmth to the eyes and make them feel relaxed. This one will help to reduce computer vision syndrome.

• Blinking Exercise: It is another easy practice to prepare you for removing glasses with exercises. This one is intended in a way similar to a warm up for the eyes before you start actual exercises. Blink around 10 times rapidly and then close your eyes for 10-20 seconds, and repeat it for five to six times. By the time you’re done with it, your eyes will be ready for actual exercise.

• Nose-Tip Exercise: One of the most effective eye exercises to increase vision. Use an object like a pen, your finger, or thumb for the exercise. Sit in a comfortable position and raise the said object you’re going to focus on. Lock your eyes on the said object and bring it closer to the tip of your nose. Then slowly retract it and take it back to the original position. Repeat the exercise as you will start to feel some form of strain on the eyes; it is a good kind, essential for your eyesight.

• Near and Far View Exercise: The proven, most beneficial exercise, even doctors recommend it for eyesight problems. You need two objects or a full view of this exercise. Start by focusing on an object farthest from you, 20 meters is usually the ideal distance. Keep staring at it for 10 seconds and then shift your sight to the object closer to you, usually two feet away. Continue this for a maximum of 10 times for the best results possible.

Important Note: As these are yoga exercises, try to focus on your breathing and have a balanced, controlled breath. Inhale and exhale slowly for better relaxation. If you’re not a yoga practitioner, meditation will help you learn to control your breathing.

We all know that yoga exercises are intended for relaxation. Performing these exercises will help you in releasing stress from the eyes and also utilize the less-used muscles. Hence, you can get rid of glasses with simple eye exercises. While you cannot treat serious problems like cataracts without surgery, you can perform these eye exercises to increase eyesight.

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