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Fitness Truths for Us Normals

by Tiara Mustafa 4 years ago in advice
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Working our booties to the bone but feeling like we are at a standstill. I got you!

On a healthy fitness journey? Here are some things/tips I've learned thus far that might help you:

1. Take full body photos and often!

You're about to hang with the girls? Take a selfie in that cute dress. Heading to work? Take a selfie in that McDonald's polo. Reason being, if you're like me, your brain is gonna tell you to quit because you aren't getting any results. You push yourself to the limit and still feel the same. And the more you run away from the old "fat" you the more it haunts your subconscious making you unable to see the change. For example, I always had a little fat over my high top pants/skirts. I saw it...therefore, I felt it. I decided to take a risk this past Saturday with my "Wakanda forever" high waisted skirt... When I looked back at myself, I couldn't believe how slimmer I looked. I saw it, therefore, I felt it! I've been at this for a while and that was the first time the results were so clear! These photos will allow you to to see your progress over time even when you don't feel it! Trust me...

2. Set a goal.

Not a "summer body" goal or "new year new me," because they fall through. The only reward you'll get out of that is a slim body and your brain doesn't care about that so it will sabotage you. Plan a girls trip where you have to wear this outfit you know you can't fit right now. Set a goal to be slimmer by your brother's wedding. Make a bet with your friends that you can lose ten pounds in "blank blank" time... Setting these goals, and better yet involving other people will feed your ego... I know that may sound bad... But ego will help you push that weight out of the door if you know people are watching.

3. Do not starve yourself of the things you love!

Unless you have to. But let's be real, you can't eat Oreos for five months straight then tell your body, "Hey we're done with that... Here's a carrot." Like these comic book villains on Facebook angry at us about Black Panther, your brain is gonna seek revenge and sabotage you! YOU WILL BINGE EAT and hate yourself after. Lessen the intake until you can fully stop. Cold turkey will take you back to square one.

4. The scale is the devil!!!

Say it. Repeat it. The number on the scale tells you how much your body is weighing but that doesn't mean it's all fat... If you are working out as hard as I think you are... Your fat is turning into muscle. Stop looking at Pinterest photos and Instagram models posting stuff like, "Oh I weigh 119... I'm hipster AF," SHUT UP. Our bodies are different... Now, if you have a fancy scale that goes into detail ignore this lol but listen... If the scale is still saying 140 or even went up... But your clothes are fitting or even falling off...👀 C'mon son.

5. Find your thing!

I know you might hear that a lot. But seriously, motivation is the key. See, for me, I get bored VERY fast so I switch between dance cardio, pilates and yoga. I have scrawny arms and and low endurance for things like jogging, the treadmill... and I'm proud. I'm not a weight lifter and that's ok, you find what works for you. If working out before bed works, do it! If you weight lift, praise him! If you gotta play ball every Sunday with the boys to get you motivated, do it! But don't force yourself to do something you aren't into... It will become intimidating and will weigh on your self-esteem. And your brain will just eat that up tryna convince you to quit.

6. Have fun!

Do this because you love life and want better ... Don't beat yourself up because it will only slow you down. Even gangsta's cry. But you gotta pick yourself back up. You know your body... If it's like "Yo, today I need rest," you better listen. You will give up many times... And that's ok too.. that's why it's called a journey. Just... when you fall, don't stay down.

Thanks for reading🌻 we are in this together and from one giver-uper to another... We got this!


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Tiara Mustafa

These articles are basically me journaling to myself. I'm sharing my life and experiences, or lack thereof with the world in hopes that it resonates. With a little humor and a lot of grammatical errors let's write our stories together!

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