Festive Season Frustration

When the silly season gets sillier

Festive Season Frustration

Struggling thru the silly season pre and post Christmas can be a testing time for all. With finishing up the years work or school year, preparing for time off with family/holidays, not to mention attempting to navigate the busy parking lot of a shopping centre, only to drag ourselves into shops to spend money we dont have on gifts other people dont want. The stress levels of everyday life at this time come a distant second place and tends to leave us feeling frazzled and all the more ready to embrace 'the time off'.

Christmas day in itself is another hiccup for some. Everyone has a story of family members arguing or leaving embarrassing memories for all involved to have a bad taste in their mouth for the next year's celebrations. Reacting to the stress of others can lead into a mirroring effect and its these times the silly season can become sillier. Minimising That Frazzled feeling can tend to take the whole of the Christmas period to recover, only to be back to work/school in the blink of an eye and circling back around to do it all again the following year.

During this Silly time of year, Responding rather than Reacting has been a Huge lesson I myself have had to master throughout 2019. What i mean by this is, the Letting Go of one's own ego in reacting to words or actions of others. As to not elevate things that lead to an unnecessary 'situation'.

By letting go of one's ego, can manifest as something as simple as taking a deep breathe, taking a moment to structure your words and then responding in a way that displays unwavering grace. At the end of the day, by Reacting to certain instances not only can have that mirroring effect on the person your displaying this behaviour to but the reflection you end up seeing back is actually whats inside you. Stress displays More stress and is mirrored back. Hating breathes More Hate and mirrors back. In effect what you project out is what you get back.

During this time of year, No one wants to be hater. Christmas time as much as its busy as all F*@# and tensions can run high, attempting to be more self aware of how your Reactions effect others can sound like an easy say than Do. Cos we all wanna be treated the way we treat ourselves. So no better time to start this than now. Being Self aware of one's own behaviour and responses is actually the first step to implementing the change in one's life. As most people are wanting a 'Better Me' coming into 2020 at this time of year, Stop your silly season from becoming Sillier, Take a breathe, embrace the 'time off' with a reflection of what lessons You have learned and acknowledge how you react to things and people. Get That change of self and self awareness happening for the next New year. Peace

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