Feeling Good Inside Again by Changing Your Appearance

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'You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.' – Buddha

Feeling Good Inside Again by Changing Your Appearance

There is no point in denying it—we all pay attention to our appearances. Even when it seems that we don’t care and just go au natural, there is a myriad of ways we can achieve that amazing natural look. But the problem with our look doesn’t come with the procedures and things we do to look great, but with the way we perceive ourselves.

The hardest thing for an individual is to simply accept the way they look. Even when others tell us that there is nothing wrong with us, we still doubt and need additional reassurance. However, this can be quite a problem leading to some serious conditions like eating disorders and overdependence on aggressive cosmetic solutions.

The opinion we have of our physical appearance can influence the way we feel inside. This can be rather serious and lead to depression and anxiety. Therefore, before you start judging yourself, here are some ways you can start loving yourself just the way you are.

Love yourself

The problem with accepting the way we look comes from the insecurities created by the popular media. We try to fit trends and standards believing that they were created for the public when actually they were not.

Thin models and dashing movie stars sell things with their looks, such as designer clothes, jewelry, and shoes. They don't look that amazing 24/7 and you can see that in many paparazzo photos on the Internet.

There is an army of makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists behind their look, and after the cameras turn off, everyone goes home to relax and rest from the high heels and tight dresses. Just like you and me, they wear completely plain clothes, have cellulite and blemishes, and wear Crocs inside the house.

Being just the way you already are makes you a special and uniquely definable person. If you want to look like a movie star, do it because you like a certain aspect of them, not because you think you are imperfect. Loving yourself is the first step to accepting and embracing the truly amazing things about yourself and changing only what you think can be better.

Learn to accept your appearance.

Accepting your appearance is not the same as deciding to do nothing about it. On the contrary, it will help you make reasonable decisions regarding your looks which won’t be damaging to your health. Instead of dieting, you can turn to healthy nutrition and monitor what you consume on a daily basis.

With regular medical examinations, you will prevent and intercept any possible health conditions. This will teach you to care for the body you have and regard it as something precious. Additionally, a physician can suggest you start drinking certain supplements to boost your health, which can be also good for your appearance, specifically your hair, nails, and skin.

With regular physical activity, whether it’s only a daily walk or a full-blown training session at the gym, you can sculpt your look and tone your muscles. Exercise combined with a diet prescribed by a certified nutritionist can help you lose weight and look the way you want.

It's important not to consider anything about yourself inappropriate enough to prevent you from participating in certain activities. For example, people with rosacea, a skin condition characterised by excessive redness of some parts of or the whole face, often avoid going to swimming pools or wear heavy makeup even when that is not good for the skin. They feel embarrassed by their look, which is why they avoid certain social interactions.

Plastic surgery and how to approach it

Plastic surgery is nothing to shy away from. Today’s medicine is so advanced that procedures are routine, and with the right doctor, you can correct the things you don’t like. However, before you choose this extreme measure for taking care of your look, research the recovery time and find the best doctor.

Practices differ in quality and knowledge, as well as procedures, methods, and materials they use. Deciding on plastic surgery Sydney, Los Angeles, London, and other major city professionals offer is always the safest choice. This is because they have a big flow of patients and, consequently, experience in dealing with various demands and cases.

We all have certain parts of our body we would like to change, and you shouldn't be ashamed of that. Bigger breasts will define your figure better, a facelift can correct wrinkles, and liposuction will help you get thinner. These are procedures, among many others, that will boost your confidence and help you love yourself.

However, the trick is not to exaggerate and do just enough to change what has been bothering you for a long time. Addiction to plastic surgery is like nicotine and alcohol dependence. In some cases, you can do more damage to your appearance by not being able to stop undergoing such procedures. That is why having a professional and excellent surgeon is important, because they won't agree to do anything that can affect your health or damage your look.

Every day, stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself. Instead of judging your looks, compliment yourself on your amazing eyes, gorgeous smile, that cute dimple on your right cheek, or slightly uneven brows. These are your features which, together with your character and personality, make you a unique and beautiful human being.

Victoria Lim
Victoria Lim
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