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Face mask: The new fashion of 2020

by Patrixia Donne Abrera 12 months ago in health

No, I am not being sarcastic. But, really who doesn't own a bunch of masks in different styles this year?

Face mask: The new  fashion of 2020
Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

Who would have thought that right from the beginning of the year a piece of cloth in your nose and mouth would become the highlight of the year?

Who would have imagine that the most demand piece of clothing for the year would be a face mask?

Face mask had become the new trend. Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Suppliers have become more inventive when it comes to the creation of face mask.

Face mask has become more like tees, hoodies, statement shirts, caps when it comes to the innovation of its style.

It is amazing how amidst the wreaking havoc of the pandemic, people still manage to find ways to cultivate their fashion style.

Even with half of their face all covered up, they would still want to look presentable around people.

It's ironically funny how people manage to find the time to spend thinking on how and what may they look like around people or how they are able to voice out who they are despite the odds that the world may crumble down tomorrow.

People wanted to express themselves in every way possible.

It's like people face their fears and insecurities by showing the world who they really are and what better way to show it with the clothes and accessories we wear everyday.

When the pandemic news broke, people panicked. Nobody wants to catch a disease. All they ever think about was how to be safe and how to keep their loved ones safe.

As time passed by, They've gotten used to the quarantine orders and the mandatory wearing of face masks.

Although, wearing a face masks irritates some. I mean, who would have want to have something over in your face, covering your nose and mouth for like the whole day. Making it harder for you to speak and breathe. But, for their protection and safety as well, they have to put up with it.

So, people find a way to make wearing a face mask more enjoyable to the public to wear which is to collaborate it with one's own style.

And ever since then, The face mask has become more of a fashion trend rather than a mandatory safety precaution.

Just look at the face mask being sold at the market now, Some have luxury brands on it. There are sports brand, cartoon characters, animes, flags of the country, statements, propagandas, political campaign, different designs, patterns and etc.

But, as far as this fashion statement has been booming and we know how entrepreneurs must have gotten loads of sales for this one, this fashion statement must have to go in 2021.

COVID-19 is history. Everyone will always remember the year it happened. It's like the Spanish Influenza. It will always remain in history. No one will ever forgets a good lesson in history, especially in life.

The face mask has to end this 2021. We have to get more immunizations for the flu aside from relying with the mandatory safety precautions.

The government and the frontliners are doing every way they can do get the virus out of the way.

Plus, We all want to live normally again without the hassle of having half of our face all covered up everywhere we go.

We all want to go somewhere else without restrictions.

We wanted to breathe the fresh air again.

We wanted to converse normally.

We wanted to eat outside of restaurants normally.

2020 has been a roller coaster ride and the ride was already up. It's time for us to get up on our seats and try another ride.

That's why, as much as how it now become a fun trend with people to collect or hoard face masks. It has got to go.

The quarantine orders must be lift up. Airports must go back to normal. And the pandemic must go away.

We are human, It's just a pandemic.

It's just COVID. We have battle all sorts of struggles in the past. Maybe not this kind. But, one thing's for sure. We will get through this. We will conquer this.

Like any other problems out there, everything has a solution. Like any other battle we have fought, this can be beaten.

So, face mask? It was fun having it around my face for a while but I am not going to get use to you.

I love the air I breathe. I want to discover the world. So, hopefully you'll go this 2021.


Patrixia Donne Abrera

One thing people would not want to do is mess with a good story.


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