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The Effects of Long Term Use

Face Mask
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Now I know I am about to ruffle a few feathers with this one, but please at least consider and think about what you are about to read. By all means always do your own research. As a nursing assistant I have always tried to research and find new information in different health fields in order to decide a career path I would like to pursue long term and would be able to advance in. Since Covid-19 showed its ugly face my world and I'm sure yours also has been turned upside down. Job loses, housing issues, schools disrupted, shelter in place, businesses closing and now face mask everywhere.

I know for myself it has been a nightmare! I look around and I feel like I am in a scary Dr. Giggles film. Let me be clear before I continue, I am not a DR., I am not a CDC member, or a Department of Health official. This story is to just give you readers food for thought and to raise questions about the effects on our health. Now I am not the smartest little thing on the shelf, but I do have common sense.

We all know that we must breath in oxygen to survive, right? Ok, so then you must also know that we exhale C02, right? I hope you see where I am going with this. Being taught in school to wash your hands, cover your cough, sneeze in your elbow, if your sick stay home and away from elderly with poor immune systems should be drilled in us. I know being told there is a deadly virus killing people can have an effect on our judgement and in this case our Health.

After doing my own due diligence, I have come across information that has raised questions about the effectiveness of face mask. If we exhale Co2 to rid the body of waste, can you imagine the effect it must have on the body as we re-inhale this waste by wearing mask around daily? Are we really helping or hurting ourselves slowly? When re-breathing Co2 it causes an effect called Hypercapnia. Hypercapnia occurs when Co2 levels in our body are raised.

Now think about this, what are the symptoms of Covid-19? Did you think about it? Okay now let me tell you the symptoms of Hypercapnia. Symptom#1-increased blood pressure, Symptom#2-headaches, Symptom#3-muscle twitches, Symptom#4-rapid heart rate, Symptom#5-chest pain, Symptom#6-confusion, Symptom#7-fatigue and eventually organ and brain damage. Now I also researched that wearing face mask on a regular basis will not give you carbon dioxide poisoning.

Me personally, I think the face mask thing and the effects it could possibly have is scarier than this novel Covid-19. I can't just come out and say, don't wear face mask, but from my own personal experience I have noticed that I have had more frequent headaches and fatigue since wearing a face mask on a day to day basis. No fever, no cough, or anything to suggest I was getting sick, but I knew and felt something was going on with my body that usually doesn't occur. In the end I traced what I was feeling and it's starting point. I really hope my story has given you readers some food for thought and to question everything!

Stay alert and keep an eye and ear open. These are very trying times we are in and from my eye things are getting worse. I don't have an answer or a make you feel good speech, but I didn't become a care provider to not care about my community. I really felt this information needed to be shared and researched further. This story is for those of us who may or may not be aware of these possible effects.

I am not excluded as my job requires I wear a face mask as well. Lets help each other and get through these times together.

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