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Exercise Challenge

by Michelle Frank about a year ago in weight loss

Days 1-4

Exercise Challenge

A few years ago I did a daily challenge to change the way I think about myself. I had the worst self esteem imaginable and I had to find a way to change that. My counselor was trying to help but I just didn't believe what he was saying. So, starting January 1 of the new year, I challenged myself to come up with one thing I like about myself, every day, for 365 days. It was definitely a challenge, but on Dec. 31, I made my final post (I was keeping track on documenting my challenge on Facebook). At the end of that year, I felt so much healthier and happier with myself! I had little to no bad thoughts about myself and felt so proud for it!!

Here we are, five days into 2019 and I have begun a new challenge. Every year, people make New Year's Resolutions. I have always been one of them. My resolution has always been the same, exercise more and lose weight. And every year I get the same results. I do great for about a month, and then I give up because I am not seeing the results I want. I knew that if I want to lose weight, I had to find a new way to do things so that I will stick with them. So, daily challenge time, with posting live videos and updates on Facebook for accountability! Here are the results for the last four days. I will be posting stories four days at a time as another form of accountability, since a few friends suggested that I journal my journey.

Ok guys and gals, I have put it off long enough today. I am going to go live with my first of 365 days of exercise. Please, no nasty, rude comments (all I will be wearing is yoga pants and a sports bra). If you don't want to watch, feel free to pass on by. The reason I am posting these vids live is 1. to give myself accountability, 2. to keep track of where I am day to day, 3. to help overcome my self-consciousness about how I look. So, without further ado, here we go...

On day 1, I danced live on Facebook to the song "Hips Don't Lie," by Shakira. After that one dance, I was panting like a dog that was trying to cool down and needed to stop. Less than five minutes of exercise on Day 1. That's ok, I still got up and moved!

Day 2 of 365 days of exercise.... Today, instead of a live video (it would be loud), I am going to take a couple of pics. I am going to take a walk (we are having issues with the TV remote so my Wii is out again grr). Before I head out, I will take a pic of my watch to show the steps I have taken before my walk and then I will post the stats from my walk and the steps taken when I am done. Be back later!

I took a pic of my watch but it didn't come out. When I started walking I had 252 steps. I walked to the ball field and back with these results. I also posted my sleep from last night to show that NOTHING is going to stop me!

My ending steps from this walk was 2122 steps with 203 calories burned, 0.88 miles walked and 31 minutes of exercise.

Day 3 of 365 days of exercise. More videos to come. The weigh in and after swim. I will be weighing in around the third of every month.

On day 3, I went to the local YMCA to walk the track and do an aqua aerobics class. I also weighed in between the walk and swim. The photo at the head of this story is from day 3 at my weigh in. I weighed in at exactly 300lbs.

My sister and I walked 5 laps around the track (almost half a mile) then did swim. When we started walking our laps I had about 1800 steps on my fit watch already. After walking and all other activities for the day, I had 4070 steps, 385 calories burned, 1.69 miles walked and 1 hour 11 minutes of physical activity.

Day 4 of 365 days of exercise. Today is the day I try out my wireless Wii. I have it all hooked up and ready to go so... time to go live!

So on day 4 (yesterday) I hooked up my wireless Wii. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a plastic Wii mat that goes on the floor. It has the red, white, and yellow wires that connect to your TV so it can be used without having the game system. And the games were nothing like I was expecting! There were four different options to initially choose from for movement and each was tougher than the next... and that was on the easy game setting! I think it is going to take me some practice to use it but before I use it again, I am going to have to find a way to get it to stick to the floor because it was slipping all over the place on my hardwood floor!

After four days of sticking with the challenge, I am feeling good. I am proud of myself for coming up with the idea and being brave enough to post it live on Facebook, especially since I have a few problems with my self image still. I have already inspired a few of my friends to get up and move a little bit every day, and that makes me proud as well! I hope this inspires some of my readers as well! Happy New Year, and watch for days 5-9 as I will be posting every four days! Blessings and love to you all!!

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Michelle Frank
Michelle Frank
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