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Does Sleeping With A Waist Trainer Help Lose Weight

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Waist Trainer

By Natasha ClaydonPublished 2 months ago 8 min read

Does Sleeping With A Waist-Trainer Help You Lose Weight?

In the recent decades, we have seen an intensive weird craziness about a slimmer, perfect waist and other physique trends. However, nothing of it is new, rather it has always been there and so are the ways to achieve the goal of it, whether in the form of contraptions 100 years ago or waist-trainers now.

Waist-trainers help you shed some pounds or taking it in another way, help you ‘feel’ that you have shed some pounds. Considering the benefit, you may want to hug it while sleeping and now wondering if sleeping with a waist-trainer help you lose weight? Let’s find out.

Does Sleeping With A Waist-Trainer Help You Lose Weight?

Well, the straight forward answer is yes, sleeping with a waist trainer helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. It shifts your body fat and provide a short term, temporary, certain hourglass figure. However, a waist trainer does not burn fat around the waistline.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a waist-trainer will help you burn more calories or shed body fat. However, there is a potential benefit to wearing a waist-trainer while you sleep. It keeps your midsection warm, which may promote better blood circulation and aid in digestion.

However, sleeping with a waist-trainer may come along with some health issues and a reverse gear to fat gain after leaving the waist-trainer.

But you may ask why there are so many proponents of it, and why the recent hype about it if it’s a straight no no. Considering this question, let’s discuss both the benefits and side effects of wearing a waist trainer to bed.

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Waist Trainer

Waist trainers come in a couple of styles and uses. It is an undergarment but some types are intended to wear outside your clothes like the workout waist trainers. Some are steel boned waist trainers with hooks and laces for everyday use.

Made up of thick fabric, and hard metal boning, waist trainer is intended to be wore and tightened around the mid-section of your body to help you give a slimmer waist. Some benefits waist trainer offers are;

A Perfect Hourglass Figure

The basic purpose of waist trainer is actually the visualization of having a marvelous hourglass figure. Waist trainer shapes your body, highlights its curves and gives you the confidence by making your waist look slimmer.

Wearing waist trainers for long term and during sleep can help you train your body to maintain the hour glass shape.

Weight Loss

Waist trainer comes in handy when materializing the goal of weight loss. Wearing waist trainer increases the precipitation in the form of sweat and reduce the amount of fluids in your body. Eating rate also gets reduced since your stomach is compressed tightly. All of this aids to weight loss.

Good Posture

Metallic structure of waist trainers keep your back straight and gives you a good posture both consciously and unconsciously.

Reduced Appetite

Waist trainers are not like sleeping dress or sweat pants which you can just carry around your body while feeling light and easy. The first principle is to tighten it fiercely around your waist, to achieve the goal of it.

Tightening compress your stomach and not only reduce the appetite but helps you feel full early.

Dangers Of Sleeping With A Waist Trainer

Now let’s flip the sides, and as they say that “all that glitters is not gold,” the other side of waist trainers is not so shiny. Let’s have a glimpse of dangers of sleeping with a waist trainer;

Serious Damage To Internal Organs

When you see your body and especially waist, you might just admire the apparent curves, muscles and figure, but you forget that the software making you stand, in the form of organs and bones. And this software can be seriously damaged by wearing corsets whether in the day or night time.

Wearing waist trainer for long time dislocate and damage your internal organs, particularly kidneys, stomach and liver in the midsection. It puts pressure and obstruct the natural function of these organs and can result in serious malfunctioning.

Furthermore, you may end up getting your ribs fractured by the use of this tightened fabric.

Breathing Issues

Not only corsets but any tightened clothing affects your breathing. Waist trainer reduce the lung capacity from 60% to 30% and decreases the maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) rate.

It can also cause inflammation and fluid build-up in the lungs (pulmonary edema or pneumonia) due to shallow breaths, some liver kidney disease or trauma on chest walls which can be gifts of wearing a faja for long.

Digestive System Problems

Waist trainers squeeze your stomach and that can be a big challenge for your digestive system affecting all esophagus, stomach and intestines. You may get a heartburn due to back movement of acid from stomach to esophagus owing to the pressure waist trainer is putting.

This can also result in GERD (Gastrointestinal reflux disease).

Muscles Weakness

Long term usage of waist trainer can result in weakness of your core and pelvic muscles. As they say “not lifting a finger just makes you deprived of the finger”, same goes with your muscles.

If your midsection muscles become too dependent upon a waist trainer, and does not get trained by activity, you will end up with little to no support from your core muscles causing back pain and poor posture.

Short Term Achievement

I am sure you have gotten idea of how little long term gains this fabric can offer you.

The moment you leave using corsets, your body will say goodbye to hourglass figure and same goes with the posture and weight loss. Since, your apparent weight loss is not due to losing fats or burning calories, rather just the shifting of fats, it will just be a couple of weeks to enter in the same hell of weight gain and bad figure.

Moreover, reduced appetites and poor eating routines will cause weakness, fatigue and a few of other health issues.

Nervous System Disorder

Well, I am sure you would not have thought of this, what would a fabric tightened around your midsection has to do with your nervous system? But the sad news is, it has a lot to do.

Wearing a tightened corset results in disease like Meralgia Paresthetica, which results in numbness, tingling and burning pain in outer skin of mid-section. It is due to the compression of lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which runs through the groin and is a sensory nerve to the skin.

Skin Problems

Wearing corsets can also cause rash, bacterial or yeast infections on the skin, thanks to the sweat waist-trainers do not allow to evaporate.

Tips To Wear A Waist-Trainer

Even if you have decided to wear corsets whether for weight loss or for some costume party, here are some tips to wear:

• Do not wear it too tightened when trying it for the first time, rather try to adjust your body gradually with it.

• Though wearing it can help you shed pounds, do not wear it while sleeping because it can cause sleeping problems, and bad sleep in turn can result in weight gain.

• Do not wear it during workout because physical exercises require more oxygen, while waist-trainers would result in shortage of oxygen and can make you go faint.

How long are you supposed to wear a waist trainer?

To obtain an attractive hourglass figure, proponents of waist trainer suggest wearing it for 8 hours a day for at least 2 months to get some apparent results.

By The Way, Where Is Your Confidence?

Of course, there has been a significant hype about hourglass figures, weight loss, and a slimmer summer body. But the need of the hour is to accept yourself the way you are.

There is not just one body shape deserving the approval or applaud, but body shapes come in diversity and there is nothing wrong with having other than hourglass or anything trendy.

Obesity is harmful and can cause heart diseases along with many, but that has to be dealt with healthy diet and exercises in a gradual way. There is no need to have a useless ‘obsession’ with a slimmer figure. Be patient with yourself!

First thing is to have confidence and love yourself, because nothing, other than this will be enough to help you move forward.

Bottom Line

Though proponents of waist trainer make them a nice option for shedding pounds quickly and for it even recommend wearing it to bed. But it is not a good option for long term healthy goals.

Furthermore, a mere waist-trainer can not cause wonders if not coupled with healthy diet, workout routines, and cutting down of sugars and carbs.

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