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Does astrology have anything to do with personality?

by Derasom 2 months ago in spirituality
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Why is a person's personality always similar to what is described in the zodiac sign?

From a psychological point of view, the following three theories can explain why people find horoscope analysis to be accurate:

1. Barnum effect;

2. Confirmation bias;

3. The Rosenthal effect.

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However, the above is not the whole picture of "constellation".

Personally, I believe that constellations are essentially an ancient and simple "big data analysis model": the sun passes through the ecliptic. It divides the year into 12 time periods, each time period corresponds to a constellation, and gradually extends the analysis theories such as character, numerology and fortune.

From the point of view of numerology and Rosenthal effect, the constellation theory extended from the prediction of fortune and other parts. There is indeed a suspicion of "pseudoscience" and "folk belief".

However, there is a possibility of significant correlation between the constellation and the personality characteristics of some people from a specific theoretical point of view. The underlying principles include but are not limited to genetics, brain science, psychology, biochemistry and other fields.

Although rigorous scientific methods are more complicated to prove and explain, the underlying principle is actually very simple: Under the decisive influence of human genes, all the nerve cells of the baby's brain are mainly developed in the mother's body. When the brain weighs about 400 grams, there are about 100 billion nerve cells in the brain. After that, brain cells are almost the same as in adults. To convey the message, myelination of Q begins, and the glial cells start to increase, but the number of nerve cells does not increase any more.

During this period, the celestial gravity, light intensity, seasonal climate and other factors experienced by embryos conceived in different months are very likely to have differential effects on the formation of the brain. That is to say, there is a possibility that there is a significant correlation between the constellation and the personality characteristics of some people.

From the Mayan civilization to the ancient Egyptian civilization, from Babylon to ancient China, the intertwining of astronomy, mathematics, epics and numerology can be seen in ancient books or relics.

For example, the constellation originated from Babylon, one of the four ancient civilizations. The Babylonians have proposed 30 constellations around 1000 BC. After the culture of the two rivers was spread to ancient Greece, it promoted the development of ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greek astronomers supplemented and developed the Babylonian constellation, compiled the ancient Greek constellation table, and gradually developed the extension theory of character, numerology, fortune, etc.

According to the prophecy legend of the Mayan calendar, the world we live in has a total of five cycles of destruction and rebirth - each cycle is the so-called "sun era." How accurate is the Maya's calendar and astronomical knowledge? Dividing a year into 18 months, the estimated earth year is 365.2420 days, and the modern calculation is 365.2422 days, with an error of only 0.0002 days, which means that the error is only one day in 5000 years. People even predicted the time of their own demise.

In ancient China, the traditional numerology theory developed based on a person's birth time to describe and predict fate. Generally speaking, in ancient China, two main schools were formed to study personal destiny through birth time, horoscope numerology and ziwei doushu. Fate push. The source is from ancient astronomy or ancient astrology. And numerology. It is based on the natural ecological model formed in ancient China with the core of yin and yang and the five elements, to interpret the "eight characters" symbols of a person's birth time, and does not involve any specific celestial phenomena.

It can be seen that the exploration of the law of destiny in life is the common pursuit of all human civilizations, and this commonality actually stems from human instinct, nature and underlying logic.

The limbic system of the female brain is naturally more developed than the male brain. The limbic system is primarily responsible for emotional responses. The larger the limbic system, the more concerned it is with emotion, security, and relationship experience.

This explains why girls like to ask about zodiac signs when they interact with girls, because women's more developed limbic system is more likely to pay attention to the emotions, sense of security and relationship experience corresponding to different "constellations".

Therefore, people's attention to "constellations" is only an appearance, but it is actually derived from human instinct, nature and underlying logic.


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