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Do One Thing After Urination to Prevent Prostatitis

Prostatitis and Urine Habit

By Amanda ChouPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Do One Thing After Urination to Prevent Prostatitis
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The prostate is a living gland for men, which occupies a small human body position, but its role is not small. Its health is to help men keep active, more attractive, and stabilize the body, good for health. So men should pay attention to the protection of the prostate, reduce the damage to the body.

However, the prostate is also a problem-prone place, vulnerable to bacterial invasion and then occurs health problems. Prostatitis is common. Sometimes, even though the problem is not significant, it makes many people fear, mainly because inflammation is easy to recur, impacting health, so it needs active treatment.

Antibiotic treatment is necessary and urgent for patients with acute bacterial prostatitis. Once clinical diagnosis or blood and urine culture results are obtained, antibiotics should be applied immediately. It is recommended to use antibiotics intravenously at the beginning. After the fever and other symptoms are improved, oral drugs are recommended. The course of treatment is at least four weeks.

For nonbacterial prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It can effectively improve the local blood circulation of the prostate and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it can dredge the abnormal tissue orifices around the prostate and urethra simultaneously to smoothly remove toxins and secretions in the prostate. People with all kinds of prostatitis can get complete healing.

How to maintain the prostate?

The prostate's maintenance is the need to start from the small things in life, especially after urination, to pay attention to prostatitis to play a preventive role. After urinating, stand for three minutes. I believe many men will say that urination is not always standing, and why do I still stand after urination?

After urinating, a man's body will naturally close. If he sits down immediately, it is easy to increase the body's pressure, which may lead to some bacteria in the male urethra. As bacteria continue to breed in the body, the probability of inflammation will naturally increase, which is not good for the bladder. It is also why the office workers who sit for a long time are prone to prostate problems. So after urinating, remember to stand for a few minutes and walk for your body.

Men should also drink more water, preferably boiled water. Carbonated drinks or other drinks contain a rich amount of sugar, fat, and various additives. After human consumption, these substances will increase the burden on the kidney and cause damage to the prostate. Therefore, boiled water is the best choice. It can remove toxins from the body and relieve pressure on the prostate.

Usually, men should also pay attention to the health of private parts. Many of them don't have the habit of changing and washing underwear frequently. It's better to change and wash underwear every day to reduce the bacteria breeding in private parts. It can avoid prostate problems and is also better for health.

Prostate health is also related to the frequency of sex. For young men, moderate sex is conducive to the health of the prostate. It can relieve the pressure and can improve sperm activity in men.

The people who are prone to prostate problems are mostly sedentary workers, drivers, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to remind such people to move more and do not have the behavior of holding urine. Those drivers driving long-distance vehicles should pay attention to timely shift change and urination to prevent prostate problems.

Men are particularly prone to prostate problems after they are old. Therefore, after 40 years old, men should pay attention to regular examination and pay attention to personal health work. After urination, do not forget to stand for a few minutes. People who sit long at ordinary times should also pay attention to more activities to help the prostate better function.


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