Dancing to be Free

by Violet Holt 15 days ago in athletics

Creative movement to express emotion

Dancing to be Free

Dancing is an ancient art form and has had cultural roots throughout time. It has been used in religious practices and rituals, as well as for entertainment purposes. In our modern-day society dancing is still a very popular activity for human beings, but it is clear to see that there is so much more to this beautiful art form. There are so many styles now from tap, ballet, and jazz, to modern, hip hop, and latin.

Whether it is for fun as a hobby, for fitness as a workout, for competitive performances as a profession, or for healing as a therapeutic approach, dancing can be used in many ways and for many purposes. Dancing can be solo, with a partner, in a group, or even with an object, such as a hula hoop, which is my favorite.

The great thing about dancing is that anyone can do it. It may be an advantage to be highly flexible and in shape, but it is not a requirement. Years of training may also be beneficial, yet not a hundred percent necessary. Certain styles emphasize technique, however, there doesn’t always have to be rules. As human beings, we have this freedom to move our bodies whatever way we wish. The only real limitation is biomechanical principles.

In this story, I will reveal my own personal experiences of using free-flowing movement to achieve a sense of identity. Therapeutic dancing and hula hoop dancing are my two main focuses here, but there is obviously so much more to consider. My hope is to encourage people to use dance more in their lives and take advantage of all it has to offer.

Therapeutic Dancing

Spinning and leaping across the floor, I danced to the beating sound of the music. Magical nights with LED lights and fireworks sparkling throughout the sky were moments made to remember. It was more than a dream, but some things are only seen through one set of eyes. Elevation of uplifted emotions flowing through my veins of something pleasant and a swirl of new feelings I have never felt before.

Sometimes there is no big answer to make us happy. Reaching it is like the result of a process. A glimpse of enlightenment becomes a reward. When I dance alone for a while, I become lost in a different world. The music I hear and the body I move in becomes connected and triggers emotions. Sometimes the emotions are positive and other times they are negative, but even the negative emotions feel good to release through the movement.

Dancing can be therapeutic and beneficial for a sense of well-being. It has taken me to new levels in my spiritual journey where there is an assurance of identity. It begins with letting go of judgments and accepting whatever emotions arise from the psyche and channeling it into physical motion that is guided by the music. Moving throughout space in a creative and emotional way until a satisfying feeling emerges is a path to freedom.

Hula Hoop Dancing

I stand under darkened night skies with my hula hoop glowing with orange, purple, and blue LED lights. I watch the tracers of the lights surrounding my body. The hoop circles around my waist as I turn and turn and turn. Finally, it drops to my legs and I await that perfect moment when the music signals that it is time for a bigger move. Reaching down, I grab the hoop with my hand and throw it up into the air right at the sound of the bass drop.

The world pauses for a split second as I gaze up at the spinning circle of lights. It doesn’t remain in the air for too long before falling back down into my grab again. I am lost in the flow of energy and it feels good to be this lost. I can feel everything in these moments; the music, the motion, and the Wrapping the hoop around my body and tossing it over my shoulders as I continue to move to the music brings me closer to the inner knowledge of myself.

Violet Holt
Violet Holt
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