Crystals... What's All That About?

by Katie Rees 2 years ago in spirituality

Do they work or are they just a fad?

Crystals... What's All That About?
Part of my crystal collection!

So, I've always had an interest in the potential effect crystals can have on us. Sure, they just look like pretty stones, but they are said to harbour energy which can change our moods and influence our emotions. I'd had odd experiences with these stones in the past, but I was unsure whether I was willing myself to feel a certain way because I wanted to believe in these crystals. After buying an agate crystal out of curiosity one day, I found that it greatly helped in calming me down and reducing my stress and anxiety when I sat with it one day, after feeling extremely down and uneasy for the past few hours. I felt like the crystal's energy was flowing through my body and neutralising any negative energy or emotions that were polluting my body. It was a fantastic feeling. I'd never felt so good and relieved from just sitting with an object. And that is when my crystal obsession began. So, to answer some questions a lot of people have about crystals, and to introduce some of you to the wonderful world of these stones, I've listed a few of my favourite crystals for you all to have a look at. I hope you enjoy!


Amethyst Cluster

One of my favourite crystals is amethyst. Not only is amethyst my birth stone, but I've always found it to have very high vibrations, meaning that it can easily affect me. Amethyst being my birth stone means that I feel a sort of familiarity or connection to it. I always look to it for a feeling of reassurance and safety when my anxiety is on high. But crystals need to absorb energy to give it back out, so you need to make sure you're not only ever holding your crystals when you're feeling negative, or you will only get negativity out of them. Amethyst can both stimulate you and sooth you, so, in terms of positive energy, it can excite you or calm you down. It has a whole range of properties, each of which are felt by different individuals, but it certainly is a powerful crystal.


A selenite 'wand'.

This crystal is called selenite. It is a beautiful pale-white crystal that comes in many forms. I myself have a selenite "wand," stick and round stone. I find myself very attracted to selenite, so I've made an effort to have these different forms of it. Selenite has great cleansing properties. If I've had a bad day or week, I'll sit with selenite, or meditate with it, and it makes me feel like all the negative emotions that have been weighing on me just wash away. I have a lot of respect for this crystal and use it regularly. There's so much you can do with it and I've only just started trying it in different aspects of my life!


Celestite Geode

Now this is one of my favourite crystals. And, the clue is in the name. Every time I look at this crystal, I think of the stars. It looks like it just fell straight to earth from a supernova! This crystal has a very high energy. There is never a time when I don't feel it giving off high vibrations. It tends to excite me and make me look forward to things in my life. I always find myself going to this crystal when I need to feel motivated or inspired to do the things I want or need to do, whether it be an every day chore or working towards achieving a life goal. It's truly one of my greatest finds!

Green Calcite

Green Calcite Skull

I saw this green calcite skull in a crystal stand in London a few months ago and was instantly attracted to it. Not only is the crystal itself absolutely beautiful, but I found its skull shape to be intriguing, as I didn't have any crystals like that. Green calcite is known to give out calming energies, which sort of correlates with its colour. It is a placid sort of crystal that I often find comfort in (as I also do with amethyst), despite its eerie skull shape! I'd like to collect more of these skull shape crystals, despite how hard they can be to find. Sometimes its fun to have your crystals out of their natural forms. It makes for a more interesting collection!

I hope you all enjoyed this little introduction on the workings and concepts surrounding crystals. They truly are magical little things! I know there's a bit of debate out on whether they actually have any energetic properties, and I'm not sure if we'll ever know for sure! I'm also far from being done with both collecting and learning about these crystals. But having them around me and working with them makes me feel far more balanced, relaxed, and content. Respect to crystals!

Katie Rees
Katie Rees
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