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How Should I Sanitize My House in This COVID-19 Phase?

COVID Resident Disinfection Buffalo NY
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There is so much to learn about the cleaning principles and the techniques that should be undertaken to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Transmission of Coronavirus happens mainly through respiratory droplets than through objects and surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, handles, countertop, etc.

According to a study the virus stays on the surface for 14 hours. Therefore, cleaning the most-touched surfaces is the best practice to ensure the health and safety. Proper ventilation ensures health of the inmates.

Here is how you can sanitize your house in this COVID phase to ensure the safety of yourself and your family:

1) Clean Frequently-touched surfaces

The surfaces like switchboards, doorknobs, countertops, handles accounts for frequently touched surfaces and hence share the probability of carrying bacteria that can cause severe infections. Regular cleaning of such sensitive things can ensure the health of your family.

2) Use Alcohol-based Wipes for cleaning electronics

You can consider using wipe-able covers for electronics. Follow the instructions on the manual. If no instructions are available then you can wipe off the electrical items using alcohol-based wipes to disinfect the screens. Dry the surface completely to prevent the liquid from making bubbles.

3) EPA approved products for cleaning soft surfaces

For soft surfaces like carpets floor, rugs and drapes, remove visible contamination using an ideal cleaner and follow the instructions on the manual. If possible, use warm water to clean the surface. This will help in eliminating any traces of bacteria and viruses.

4) Wear Gloves before cleaning the things

Ensuring your security is important before heading towards cleaning the surfaces. Wear disposable gloves for cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and discard it after the use. Avoid laundry at this time as the clothes can get mixed with that of an infected person’s clothes. Consider washing the clothes at home with proper sanitizing measures.

5) Use Bleaching agents

You can also use bleaching agents by diluting it. Check for the surface appropriateness before using it. Analyze the instructions on the manual for cleaning the surface through bleach and wait for a minute before cleaning the bleached surface. Ensure that the bleaching agent is not of expired date. Bleaching solutions can be easily prepared at home and keeps the bleached areas disinfected for 24 hours.

These tips will help you clean and keep your house sanitized in this COVID phase. It is important to follow the cleanliness guidelines set by the government for ensuring the safety of the individuals. For professional cleanliness, you can contact Coronavirus Disinfecting buffalo NY and ensure a complete balance of health and hygiene in the home.

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