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'Covid' Ops: Is it written in the stars?

A brave new world around the corner?

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

It’s all gobbledygook to me, but in many ancient faiths going back through history great importance has been placed on numerology... with numbers seen as having secret meanings.

Until a fortnight ago I’d read virtually nothing about it, the only numbers I was interested in were the odds on Wales advancing to different stages of Euro 2020.

Then a mysterious virus shut down Wuhan, Euro 2020 was postponed and the world found itself in a state of lock-down, almost the entire population under partial house arrest or worse.

My search to get to the bottom of this has been fast and furious but once you start digging, dots emerge everywhere.

In trying to join them I found a page on the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre website that foretold of “A Promise of Rebirth – Moving Toward 2020”.

The article focuses on the “astrological” signs that make 2020 special, which followers of this faith believe in, or are taught to believe in.

I stress this once again, I think it’s all a load of gobbledygook. But I have to confess that on more than one occasion during my 33-year career as a journalist I have had to write a few horoscopes when the articles of regular contributors failed to show up ahead of print deadlines.

Usually I did a quick search to find the one that had been published a year earlier, or further back if I could find one. After all, it’s all hokum. But that’s where I was wrong… it’s all hooey to me, but to many people who follow such things it’s a divine insight into what the future holds.

The article continues: “By the time of the New Moon, Mars, Venus, the sun, and Mercury are all in Virgo. All personal planets are in Virgo! Each of these bodies harmonize with Uranus in Taurus. As Rav Berg explains, the month of Virgo contains the “thought” of creation, the seed level of everything that came after.

“All of these planets in Virgo give us the opportunity to take charge of our lives; they give us the gift of awakening the true desire to change this month. This is a fertile and productive time since it prepares us for the entire year to come. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is direct, and is also in the sign of Virgo - a brilliant time for freeing ourselves from limitations, fear, anger, past lives, and obstacles.

“With what’s awaiting us in the New Year, this month of Virgo is a true gift.”

I’m sorry but I’ve no idea what all this means but it seems Virgo is pretty important, but I even had to look up when that is. The answer: on average between 23 August and 22 September.

It seems the constellation has multiple different origins depending on which mythology is being studied, although most generally view Virgo as a virgin or maiden with heavy association with wheat.

Now interestingly that brings us back to some of the scandals that have rocked Hollywood of late, the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and the trial of Harvey Weinstein.

These cases involve the trafficking of young women or girls, but then there are much darker themes that run through other similar scandals… words such as paedophilia, necrophilia and even, God forbid, cannabalism.

One of the features of Kabbalistic beliefs is that there is a branch dubbed “practical” Kabbalah within which practitioners were permitted to use white magic in their search for enlightenment.

This aspect was reserved for the elite, who could separate its spiritual source from the realms of evil if performed under circumstances that were pure. The teachings include the use of divine and angelic names for amulets and incantations, as well as special numerological systems and astrological signs.

Practical Kabbalah is mentioned in historical texts, but most Kabbalists have taught that its use is forbidden, focusing instead on contemplative methods that seek to explain the nature of God and existence through theological study and meditative techniques.

The great concern is that some of those elite practitioners fail to resist the temptation to overstep the strong prohibitions of “impure” magic and take their quest for enlightenment into very harmful realms.

Now if you were an enlightened member of the Kabbalistic cabal, would you want such revelations about your faith being exposed for all to see? It’s not good for anyone’s career if there are those sorts of skeletons in the lockers of those you’ve been associating with.

Couple that with a divine prophecy that 2020 marks the dawn of a brave new world… and the dots begin to link, the stars fall into place.

The research that I’ve been undertaking suggests deep roots in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and New York; with connections to names such as Donald Trump and Bill Gates, companies such as Netflix, Uber, Twitter and Instagram; and links to national security agencies.

The lineage of such beliefs extends back through time, before WW I, the abolition of slavery and into the Age of Enlightenment.

Much of it is pretty disturbing reading, but the underlying theme is that masters have little or no respect for the minions they control.

I remain totally convinced that incredibly powerful puppet-masters are pulling the strings right now, that sweeping changes are being rolled out for mankind… and hope that the loss of freedoms that are around the corner are not as bad as I fear.

But ladies… watch out for Virgo… that’s when the darkness could really descend!


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.

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