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Compassion in Healthcare | Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr, SC

by Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. 3 months ago in mental health
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Understanding the importance of compassion within the healthcare industry.

It is a common idea that workers in the health care field are intelligent. As a result, many people who choose to be doctors and health care workers value knowledge. Schools focus on acquiring knowledge in the appropriate areas and place value on high test scores. Although it is essential for healthcare workers to be knowledgeable about their field, many people overlook the importance of compassion in healthcare.

Why is Compassion Important?

When people seek out healthcare, they are often going through significantly stressful events. They or a loved one may be undergoing a procedure, receiving a new diagnosis, or spending significant amounts of time receiving care. Healthcare workers need to have compassion for their clients by understanding what they are going through and how to respond.

What does this Look Like?

Compassion in the healthcare setting may look different depending on the situation. Different situations call for a different emotional reaction, among other concerns. Here are some examples of how it may look daily.

Providing Support: For people who are going through a significant life event, it’s crucial to provide emotional support. This starts with empathy and a general understanding of what the person is going through. It also means being a safe place for the patient to share their thoughts and concerns. Although it’s essential for a healthcare worker to provide this support, it is also necessary to know when to refer to a therapist or counselor.

Giving Space to Talk: Providing emotional support is giving the patients and their families a space to talk. Often in healthcare, there is a significant focus on educating patients and their families that workers forget that those involved need to talk and share concerns.

Active Listening: When families are talking, it is important to listen actively. Healthcare workers should not only give the time and space for patients and their families to talk but should also practice listening without interrupting. This will allow them to feel safe in sharing concerns.

Addressing Concerns: Once a patient or family member has shared concerns, it’s essential to take action. Address the concerns quickly and professionally.

About Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr.

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr., SC is a registered nurse in Georgia specializing in advanced cardiovascular life support, basic life support, and CPR and AED. Wayne also holds a certification in Stroke Scale from NIHSS. Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. began his education career at Piedmont Technical College, where he earned a degree in Nursing in December 2019. He is currently completing his BSN with The University of Alabama and will graduate in August 2021. Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Political Science from Furman University and a Master in Public Administration from Clemson University.

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. knows that when he is working in healthcare, each patient is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Not only is he dedicated to their physical health, but Wayne also prides himself on caring for the whole individual. Wayne specifically works in the ICU and medical-surgical departments, where he typically sees patients who have experienced trauma or recently had invasive surgery. That’s the time you would want a caring professional, and Gregory Jr. is just that!

Today, Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. works as the owner of Gregory Equipment Sales in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a role he’s held since 2014.

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr., SC is a compassionate and committed healthcare professional. He cares deeply about each and every patient and strives to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

Visit Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr.'s websites to learn more about his thoughts on healthcare, sports, or education.

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