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Coconut Oil and Its Vast Uses

The Top Five Ways I Choose to Use It

By Renae De VriesPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

When it comes to trying to eat healthier, everyone is always looking for something. The best diet (vegan, vegetarian, keto, etc.), the best exercise program (Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamp, etc.), but really, it’s all about the way that you feel. For me, it’s all about the small changes, and one of the best ones that I have come across has been COCONUT OIL! I have added this amazing product to my daily life and it has helped me in so many ways. So, with that, I thought I would go ahead and share five of the ways that I use this great product in my life. Hopefully it will help you as much as it

1. Face Moisturizer

I know! Who would have thought? Oil on your face? But really, it’s definitely one change that I have been happy to institute. I had a problem with acne and dry skin for years, and once I started using this, I no longer have those issues. My skin is smoother, softer, and acne free.

2. Deodorant

Okay, before you completely disregard this one, hear me out. I have sensitive skin and it’s been an issue for many years. I have tried every kind of deodorant on the market. Yes…even men’s. Then I came across a homemade recipe for making your own deodorant out of coconut oil. I mixed up the ingredients and have never looked back. Not only does it keep my underarms soft, but NO red bumps! The worst thing in the world to have on your underarms! So, if those things sound great to you, then maybe give this a try. Mix together coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, arrowroot powder, and add a few drops of any scented oil that you like (I like lavender).

3. Whitening Toothpaste

This was one change that I was very reluctant to try. I have used regular toothpaste like most people all my life. Upon getting together with my wonderful fiancé, he opened my eyes to a lot of new things, especially ones that were natural in nature. He swore by this toothpaste and asked me to try it. It did take a bit to get used to the taste, but once I tried it, I have never gone back to regular toothpaste. I mix it with a small amount of baking soda and my teeth feel cleaner and fresher than ever before. After using regular toothpaste, my teeth always felt gritty, but I never have that with using this natural toothpaste. It keeps my breath fresher longer and keeps my teeth whiter—and let's face it, we could all use whiter teeth. So, give this a try and let me know what you think.

4. Lip Balm

This was by far my favorite change. There is nothing worse than dry, chapped lips, and I don’t like most lip balms because they are too sticky. So I started looking into alternatives and came across this one. I really love this lip gloss! It keeps my lips soft and cleans off the dry, dead skin that may be lingering around. Who doesn’t want, soft, smooth lips for that special person in your life? No one wants to kiss dry, cracked lips! This is the best way to keep that from happening and it’s super simple to do! I just combine coconut oil and petroleum jelly together. I do this by melting the jelly in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds and then stirring in the coconut oil. Once it’s mixed then I freeze it for about 30 mins. I keep it in a small metal tin, but you can use any container you like. Also, there are many other options for adding different scents, but I like to keep mine plain.

5. Stretch Mark Cream

This last change was one that I only implemented about four years ago after the birth of my first child. I had the proud mommy stretch marks, but none of the creams or oils that I had used during my pregnancy helped to reduce them. Then I heard about using coconut oil on them and I noticed a massive difference! My skin was not only softer, but the marks were fading. Not completely, but quite a bit. I still use it to this day, even now that I am pregnant with my second child. My fiancé loves rubbing it on my belly every evening.

I hope these five changes that I have shared with you have piqued your interest. I believe that any way that we can live healthier lives is a bonus. Again, it’s not always about the big things you do, sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impact.


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