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Classics of the Law of Attraction Ww Atkinson's Practical Mental Influence Attraction Between Minds

by Rani Zubaida 2 months ago in mental health
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Classics of the Law of Attraction Ww Atkinson's Practical Mental Influence Attraction Between Minds
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The ether that fills space transports these Thought-Waves in all directions, and the earth's surface, particularly in heavily populated areas, is packed with them.

When these waves, which convey mental vibrations, collide, they tend to form combinations on the one hand, or neutralize each other on the other. That is, if two sets of waves of similar type collide, a combination is likely to occur between them, much as two substances have a strong attraction for each other. The "mental atmosphere" of cities, towns, buildings, and other structures is generated in this way.

If competing vibration currents collide, a battle will follow, with each losing in proportion to its weakness, and the result will be either a neutralization of both or a combination with an average rate of vibration.

For example, if two currents of mental energy collide, one of which is a thought of Love and the other of which is a thought of Hate, they will neutralize each other if they are equal, or if one is stronger than the other, it will endure but with less vigor. We would be mainly at the mercy of stray currents of thinking if it weren't for this neutralizing influence. Nature shields us from harm.

Unless we have learnt to shrug these waves off by knowing the laws and enforcing them via practice, we are still impacted to a large extent by them. We've all experienced how powerful waves of emotion can wash across a town, city, or country, knocking people off their feet.

Great swells of political fervor, war spirits, or prejudice for or against specific individuals, or groups of people, wash through the land, causing men to behave in ways they may later regret when they reflect on their actions in cold blood.

They will be led into acts of mob violence or similar horrors by surrendering to these waves of "contagious" ideas by demagogues or charismatic leaders seeking their votes or favors. On the other hand, we've all witnessed how huge waves of religious sentiment can rush across a community during a "revival" enthusiasm or zeal.

In terms of induction power, the influence of these Idea-Waves is obviously very dependent on the strength of the thought or sensation displayed in the mind sending them forth.

The bulk of people put little effort into their mental manifestations, but every now and then there is a thinker whose Thought-Waves are virtually "a stream of living will," and which, of course, have a powerful inductive impact on the minds of others who come into touch with the waves.

However, a group of people thinking along the same lines will create a large amount of power by combining their thought currents into large streams of mental force.

However, there is another aspect of the issue that we must not overlook: the Attraction between minds, which allows one to attract the Thought-Waves of others whose thoughts are compatible with his own.

The opposite is true, because there is a Repulsion between people's brains and the Thought-Waves of others whose views differ from his own. The opposite is true, because there are Repulsions between people's brains and other people's Thought-Waves that are adverse to their thinking.

"Like attracts like," and "Birds of a Feather flock together," to use two well-worn and widely used expressions to demonstrate this concept. Persons who allow their thoughts to flow along particular lines, and allow their feelings to be expressed in specific ways, draw to themselves the Thought-Waves and mental influences of others keyed to the same mental key-note.

Similarly, they oppose opposing nature's waves and effects. This is a crucial concept to keep in mind in everyday life. Good attracts and Evil repels. Good repels Evil and Evil draws Evil. Similar influences are attracted to the dominating Mental Attitude, while opposing forces are repelled. As a result, pay attention to the type and nature of your ideas, cultivating the good and suppressing the unpleasant. Verily "A man is as he thinks in his heart."

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