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Children three-volt moxibustion, grow strong and tall, and the second half of the year less sick!

by blackwell marshall 2 months ago in health
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Children three-volt moxibustion, the second half of the year less sick!

Children three-volt moxibustion, grow strong and tall, and the second half of the year less sick!
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One, children's three-volt moxibustion, the second half of the year less sick!

Summer has come, three-volt day is very close, three volt, "winter disease summer conditioning" good time, you must seize!

2020 Three Volt Moxibustion Schedule

Before the volcano detoxification: May 05 - July 15

The first volcano to drive away the cold: July 16 - July 25

Mid-volley clearing: July 26-August 14

The final volt to remove blood stasis: August 15-August 24

After the volcano: August 25 - September 01

The three-volt days are a good time for us to take care of our bodies, and we can get good results as long as we follow the times.

Summer is the most vigorous time of the year, if moxibustion can play the effect of Yang on Yang, maximize the Yang Qi, dispel the cold and dampness in the body, so as to enhance the positive energy, reduce the chances of falling ill in autumn and winter, to get the effect of winter disease summer treatment. The same applies to children: 1.

1、Supplement the spleen and stomach, more meat


In the five elements theory, wood, fire, earth, gold, and water correspond to the five seasons of spring, summer, long summer, autumn, and winter, and also correspond to the birth, growth, transformation, collection, and hiding of the five chemistry. If the four seasons do not have the "transformation" of long summer, the grass and trees will not be fruitful, and there will be no harvest in autumn and no hiding in winter.

The spleen is the master of the long summer, for the latter part of the day, the transport of water and grain will be alive! The human body's survival, growth, and development are dependent on the spleen and stomach to achieve, and long summer is the main spleen, moxibustion at this time to add a fire to the child's spleen and stomach, so that the spleen and stomach get more energy to run, it will be good to strengthen the spleen and appetite, eat more, more meat growth.

2, get rid of wind chill, cold can be less injection

The air conditioning room in summer is particularly prone to wind, children are prone to runny nose, sneezing, this time you will moxibustion for a while Ying Xiang, Yin Tang, body pillar, Hegu, about 10 minutes, the child's nose out, you will see his face on the red, hands are also warm.

Dampness is most prevalent in summer. In summer, many children grow eczema and eat cold diets, which injure the spleen, causing it not to transport and transform, forming dampness, also use moxibustion, which is effective, fast, and painless for children.

3, balance the five organs, strengthen the body, improve immunity

Each of our five organs has yin and yang, yang is the main function, and yin provides power for yang. Blood is the mother of qi, and qi is the master of blood. Moxibustion can adjust our yin and yang and balance the five organs.

We use moxa mainly for treating untreated diseases, preventing diseases, and strengthening the body. This is the health care method that people have respected for generations, including our great educator Confucius, he also used moxibustion for preventive health care.

4, clear heat and fire, no longer easy to fever

Sun Simiao's medical case records the use of moxibustion to clear heat in children. We know that children get a fever when they get a cold, and fever is our body's instinct to use heat to expel the cold that our body gets.

When your hand gets caught in a door, you will find that your hand will burn especially, this is your body using heat to transfer all your qi and blood to mend your wounds. At this time we use the power of moxa fire to conserve your body's energy.

This is why we use moxibustion most often for children with low fever, and for children with acute tonsillitis, mumps, and hand, foot, and mouth disease, which are more likely to be treated with moxibustion. The effect of moxibustion is very good, such as rheumatism, pediatric mumps, tonsils, etc. is the use of moxa effect.

The children who often come to the umbilical cord moxibustion are getting less and less sick, do you know why?

The belly button is called the Shen Que point in Chinese medicine, is the first mouth of the body, is the convergence point of all the meridians, and is the body's gravity absorption black hole, his absorption rate is 70 times that of the stomach.

The umbilicus is the general orifice of the hundred winds, the cold door of the five organs, which is called the "lower Dantian" by Taoists and is the life of the person.

The umbilicus is the root of the five viscera and the six internal organs, and the neurovascular is more abundant and is located at the golden point of the human body, which is the best point to regulate the human body.

Navel moxibustion is a therapy in Chinese medicine, that is, moxibustion on the navel across the medicine, using the navel skin thin, sensitive, fast absorption characteristics, with the pure Yang heat of moxa fire, penetrate the skin, stimulate the tissue, to harmonize the qi and blood, dredge the meridians, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health.

The moxibustion method originated from the folk, has a history of hundreds of years, belongs to the Chinese medical method of a bright pearl, early mainly used for the treatment of adults, later improved by generations of famous doctors, has been fully adapted to children so that the perfect combination of pediatric massage and umbilical moxibustion.

The recent flu ravaged primary and secondary school students, facing final exams to fight the flu preferred umbilical moxibustion

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The symptoms of a weak spleen and stomach in children are

(1) The child is thin or too fat, green or yellow, easily drooling, or has excessive saliva. (2) Thick white or yellow tongue coating (yellow is heat), dry or cracked lips and mouth (mostly heat due to spleen deficiency), and eczema (eczema is caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach and the production of dampness and heat).

(3) Anorexia or overeating (uncontrolled), abdominal distension or bloating with gas, excessive gas or smelly farts, diarrhea, and abdominal pain (including frequent stools, poor stool texture such as egg-like stools or watery stools or watery stools).

(4) Constipation (including dry stools like balls, stools once every few days, normal stools after the head is dry, difficult defecation, mostly due to heat, but also due to simple spleen deficiency), frequent bedwetting or excessive urination, etc. and abdominal pain complained by the child, etc.

Points are taken for spleen and stomach weakness.

Body pillar

How to moxibustion for pharyngitis in children?

Moxibustion to regulate pharyngitis, and tonsillitis, light about moxibustion for about a week, you can see the effect. If it is chronic, at least half a month to a month of moxibustion is needed. In the choice of moxa strips, moxa strips of good quality should be used for pharyngitis!

Because the moxa smoke is easy to inhale in the lungs if it is poor moxa easy to fire (fire drink honey water). And if it is a good moxa, the right amount of moxa smoke is beneficial, moxa smoke in the trace moxa essential oil composition can be taken to reduce inflammation and pain, and accelerate the healing effect.

Fourth, do children hives how to three-volt moxibustion?

Acupuncture points for pediatric urticaria: A-Yi point (affected area), Dazhi, Body pillar, Shen Que, Qu Chi, and Blood Sea.

Some of these points are in charge of desensitization, but more of them are for lifting the vital energy, because urticaria is an allergic disease, and allergy is, in fact, a weak body immunity, so to regulate urticaria you still have to start by lifting the vital energy and supporting the correct energy. In addition, you can also add or subtract from this base to suit your situation. Be sure to decide the time of moxibustion according to the child's age and tolerance.

Urticaria is an allergic disease, so patients suffering from urticaria should preferably choose a better moxibustion stick for better results. One thing to note is that the child must be instructed not to eat cold food and all kinds of cold drinks, and remember to wash hands and face with warm water, these details determine the effectiveness of moxibustion.

The best way to give moxibustion to children is to hold a moxa stick, which is often referred to as suspension moxibustion, so that the degree of heat can be controlled. Of course, you can also use moxibustion box moxibustion, according to the size of the hives, you can choose the appropriate moxibustion box, if the scope of hives is larger, available four-eye moxibustion box, limb points available single-hole moxibustion box.

Five, grow taller, grow stronger, three-volt moxibustion body pillar!

The period from the summer solstice to summer heat is called long summer in Chinese medicine, and the word "long" in long summer means growth and height, which means that this is the golden period of the spleen, muscle growth, and development!

Just as plants lose their leaves in the fall and winter, sprout in the spring, and grow rapidly in the summer with the help of abundant sunlight, so in the long summer, especially in the three volt days, with the vigorous Yang Qi, human qi and blood, especially the spleen began to rise, and the spleen is the main muscle, so the three volt days is also a good time for children to grow taller and stronger!

The body pillar point is also known in Japanese medicine as "the moxibustion point for all the diseases of children"! Japanese acupuncturist Fumiaki Yoda, in 1938 in Nagano Prefecture elementary school for the weak body easily cold, suffering from anemia, urine loss, indigestion of primary school students moxibustion point, moxibustion for a month, the appetite of the moxibustion students, weight are significantly increased, academic performance is generally improved, travel no longer lag behind others.

After six months of continuous moxibustion, most of the malnourished and sickly students were cured of their illnesses. This event caused a sensation in Japan and was followed by many other primary and secondary schools, with more than 40 schools and 30,000 children receiving health care moxibustion with remarkable results. Therefore, the body pillar point is known as the "moxibustion point for children's diseases" in the Japanese medical profession!

Sixth, children often moxibustion large vertebrae, body pillars, winter less sick!

In ancient China, there is also a record of "children moxibustion body pillar, Tianshu every month, to ensure that no disease". The ancient custom is called body pillar moxibustion, children must be moxibustion. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The internal organs of children are delicate and not yet functional, especially the lungs and spleen are weak, so children are prone to colds, fever, coughs, asthma, diarrhea, indigestion, and other diseases. Moxibustion of the large vertebrae and body pillar points on these conditions has a very good preventive effect, moxibustion in the summer, less sick in winter.

In the most typical winter disease, pediatric asthma points, it is often used to the large vertebrae, body column two points, and is to focus on moxibustion, specific points: large vertebrae, body column, lung Yu, Hanzhong, Tiantu, Zhongfu, Yunmen, Shen Que.

Six, pediatric moxibustion attention

The last thing I want to say to you is, to give children moxibustion, we should pay special attention to the application of moxibustion time! The amount of moxibustion should be properly adjusted according to the age of the child, and the general principle is that the younger the child, the shorter the application time.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have the right amount of moxibustion for your child.

And, the child's moxibustion time should be flexible, if the child is very good at cooperation, then we will moxibustion a little more, if the child does not cooperate, then we can only moxibustion a little less. But the effect will be compromised with less moxibustion, so we have to find a way to coax the baby and then seize the time to apply moxibustion to the baby.

If you give your child moxibustion these days have seen the effect, and then adhere to moxibustion for about 7 days, the child will have a better state, then you can change to health care moxibustion, every other day or 2-3 times a week, so consolidate the treatment for some time, from the diet, exercise to give adjustment, I believe the child will grow better. The moxibustion will have no side effects in the long run, but the child is already healthy and does not need moxibustion all the time, just moxibustion every now and then.

In short, now is the "long summer", and soon the three volts, it is the time for children to grow taller, stronger, and improve immunity, so hurry up and moxibustion or you will have to wait for next year!

Good habits are important

The child's spleen and stomach function are still developing, the stomach likes warmth and evil wet cold, to protect the spleen and stomach, we must pay attention to the food, less sweet cold food, and cold meals. Let children develop good eating habits, parents do not just let children "eat another bite", forcing children to eat, so that children usually eat fewer snacks and drinks, do not like to eat, let him eat, give children food, must be balanced and moderate. Remind you: usually often children massage, and help children's spleen and stomach transport, thus promoting the growth and development of children, why not do it?


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