Change These Bad Student Habits That Ruin Your Health and Beauty Now

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Our bad habits, too much stress and a hurry makes us often feel exhausted but if you follow these tips you'll find your way to stay young and productive as long as is possible.

Change These Bad Student Habits That Ruin Your Health and Beauty Now

If you are a student and are guilty of committing one or more of these bad habits you should ditch them now.

While there are habits that can make you look a quite okay student, there are also habits that can ruin your health, especially when it comes to diet, grooming, and lack of exercise. Sometimes changing some lifestyle choices can make a big change when it comes to your appearance.

Maybe you are not aware that you are committing these bad habits that are already ruining your health, so read on to know what they are and how to stay away from them as soon as possible.

1. Too Much Stress

Too much stress can be detrimental to not only your outlook but your overall wellbeing. You could be battling with stress due to late submission of assignments that are due for marking or maybe you had a fight with your colleagues, but remember all these stressors have a negative impact to your skin which affects your appearance in the long run. The good thing is that you can get the scholar advisor, to get help from aussie essay writer or assignment writing services out there with some of your assignments.

Remember, when you are under stress, your body excretes some chemicals and when this chemical release becomes too much, it can cause inflammations and hence cause a breakdown of the tissues that are tasked with making a smooth, firm and desirable skin. There are plenty of ways to de-stress and maintain a plump skin out there. So try to practice them to stay beautiful.

2. Lack of Enough Sleep

You have a tight deadline to have your project completed for submission and you don't even have time to hire an essay writer to get best essays help. So, you decide to ditch the bed and befriend your computer as you struggle so that you are not left behind of the syllabus. My guy, you are not being fair to yourself. Not sleeping means your body and skin cells don’t have the opportunity to recover and renew as they are supposed to. This way, your beauty also suffers, so you start to look dull. Ensure you get enough night sleep by setting your bedtime to at least seven to eight hours and your skin will thank you.

3. Not Taking Off Your Makeup While Going to Sleep

If this is you who goes to bed with your makeup on, then we need to talk.

But why talk?

Just don’t do that!

That’s also one of the bad habits we are talking about here and it ruins your health without you noticing it. For now...

Well, you might feel the urge to go to bed with your make up on because you have had a busy day working on a hectic project and you feel exhausted, but you should resist the urge at all cost.

Remember, your skin needs to breathe while you’re sleeping and those makeups, dirt and pollution can clog your skin pores and oil glands which can lead to inflammations and breakdown of collagens thus attracting wrinkles on your face.

So, even if you are totally exhausted, try to collect your energy and wipe off the grime before bed. This is no excuse. You have to do it if at all you want to look beautiful.

4. Smoking

Even if it’s hard to quit smoking, you will have to do just that for the sake of the overall health and wellbeing of your body and skin. Smoking is one of the bad habits for students and can lead to dry-looking complexion and dull skin which can be relieved by the use of moisturizers and some good skin care practices.

Smoking also causes breakdown of collagen and damages elastin which leads to a loose and sagging skin and hence ruin your overall beauty. In addition, the nicotine in cigarettes can also be detrimental to the blood vessels in the upper layers of the skin which makes it hard for blood to flow in such areas. So, just quit smoking.

5. Not Eating Right

It’s said you are what you eat and if you want to keep the beauty you had while still in your teen years, then you have to eat right. When you eat right, your health glows but when you like taking foods rich in sugars, packed foods or fats, your digestion and blood circulation suffers which can lead to breakouts of your skin.

Eating dairy products can also lead to pimples and congestion, so you might consider reducing the quantity or even ditch those foods completely.

Ways to Prevent the Effect of Unhealthy Students Life

Participate in fitness courses.

Most students have access to gym facilities and fitness courses to take. Sometimes these activities are paid for in the tuition fees. So, try to take advantage of them to stay healthy.

Try different kinds of exercise.

When exercising, try different kinds of workouts. You could include cardio, strength training and stretching exercises in your daily routine so that you maintain a better health.

Get enough sleep, if possible.

Different people have varying amounts of sleep, but the required amount of sleep time each person need is seven to eight hours. Well, maybe some days you will not get this time, but if you get the chance, you can sleep a full night.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

You feel thirsty? Drink plenty of water! That’s it. And your body plus your skin will thank you.

Take a break.

If you have been studying steadily for hours; give your mind the opportunity to rest by taking a break. You will resume your studies while feeling fresh and energized after taking a break.

Put limits on study hours.

Unless you operate like a machine, you can study all the time. You must incorporate fun and relaxation into your routine. Put limits on study hours so that you can have enough time to relax and sleep so you remain healthy.

Eat when it’s time to eat.

Held up with some assignments to an extent of skipping meals? You are not being fair to your wellbeing. Whether you have too many tasks to complete or not, just don’t skip meals. If possible, prepare foods you can take while on the run to allow you more energy to keep you strong.

Limit junk, sugary, and caffeinated stuff.

Many students like eating junk foods since it’s easy to get them while on the run to class. When it becomes a habit, it could affect your wellbeing. Similarly, sugary foods and caffeinated drinks won’t make you full, but too much of them can be detrimental to your health. So cut back on all these stuff if possible.

Final Words

These are just a few of the bad student habits that ruin your health and beauty. To make it clear, these habits are not only detrimental to students, but to everyone. So if you are guilty of committing one or more of them, it’s time to call it a quit and your overall wellbeing will thank you.

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