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Caring for Your Skin Type

The Basics for Natural Beauty

By Liliana LanajPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Look your best in your own skin

I have personally struggled with my skin and taking care of it properly. I had oily skin, blotchy red patches, and uneven skin tone. Finding out the right thing to do for your skin is difficult. Especially when there are so many products that do different things.

What inspired me most to write this article is that I have many friends who are older than me yet have no idea how to take care of their skin. From normal, to dry, to oily skin. They don't know what to do. A lot of them like me love the natural look. Especially when you don't have much time for doing your full contour in the morning. But then who wouldn't like to wake up flawless.

So, let's start with oily skin types...

Oily Skin Types: Common Mistakes

Having oily skin, I'd wash my face with a scrub until it was dry and flaky. I didn't dare put on moisturizer because I thought it would just make my skin twice as oily. Turns out, not putting moisturizer makes your face even more oily. Bummer!

Oily Skin: What to Do?

If you wake up with very oily skin and a film of grease on your face. Wash your face with a light cleanser and pat dry. With a cotton ball, put toner on it and lightly rub your face with it. Let it set for a minute and use a moisturizer. Like a day cream, or Neutrogena No Blemishes Sunblock. And you're ready for the day.

At night wash face lightly. Follow with toner and use a night cream. Use a scrub for your skin type once or twice a week to exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin to the point where when you put the moisturizer on it stings then please use a sensitive scrub. Like Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Scrub.

My skin had a lot of healing to do. It was red and very sensitive. Even sensitive night creams stung my fresh skin. If this is the case use a sensitive skin care line. I used sensitive skin scrub and sensitive skin night creams and sunblock before graduating to normal skin products.

Now my skin isn't so sensitive. The redness has reduced by 80%. It is more so of an even skin tone.

Normal Skin Types: Common Mistakes

So what? I have normal skin. I don't need to do anything. Wrong! While you might not have oiliness issues or redness your skin still can become damaged. If your skin is damaged, then you will start seeing some issues arise. Some women just wash their face with soap and use any cream to moisturize.

Normal Skin: What to Do?

Having normal skin it takes much less time and products. It's all about protection. So waking up, you have two options you can wash with a light cleanser or you can skip that and go straight to the toner.

Whatever you prefer. Then follow up with sunblock or a great all in one day cream. You should still use a scrub at least once a week to exfoliate. If you don't cleanse your face in the morning then do it at night. Do not use regular soap as it can lead to dryness.

Dry Skin Types: Common Mistakes

I actually knew someone who had dry skin so they just didn't wash their face. Just splashed water on it. Not any specialty water with oils healthy for your skin or anything like that. Just plain tap water. Then didn't want to use a moisturizer because they thought it would make their skin oily.

Dry Skin: What to Do?

Again use products geared toward your skin type. If you wake up and your skin is dry. Use a toner and a good moisturizer or sunblock. Depending on your level of dryness you might want a product with long lasting hydration. Still, wash your face with a cleanser. Either a sensitive cleanser or a cleanser geared toward dry skin. Use a hydrating scrub to exfoliate once or twice a week. Scrubs are still important to remove build up and keep your skin soft.

Not caring properly for your skin no matter the type can lead to skin damage and aging. You can always add more products or substitute products in your skin care routine to improve your skin. You can use oils great for your skin like rosehip oil, or grapeseed oil. It will not make your skin even more oily unless you're excessive.

Besides skin care products, regular exercise, water consumption and nutrition play a role in keeping your skin healthy. As well as vitamins geared for skin, hair and nails.

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