Build a Booty Workout

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Grow your glutes and tone your legs with this routine.

Build a Booty Workout

Hey there, humans. I promised you a butt-busting (heh heh, get it?) workout video this week. And this one speaks to the Kim K. in all of us. We all stare at the pictures of super toned butts in a cute, and very, very tight pair of Gymshark leggings on Instagram, OK? We ALL do it. Growing the glutes is a goal for all of us, and today, GIRL, I got you. This one will leave your cheeks so sore so be extra ready to feel all your hard work for a day or two after. And be proud! This is a video with high reps and less reps. If you need more rest, you can split up the sets into less reps/multiple sets- with more rest between sets. Do what works for you! The video is below, as well as a full breakdown of each move and the technique/form you need. Make sure to stretch out your hamstrings, quads, and glutes before starting. You can use stretch techniques such as toe touches, v-sits, and a lot more that are just a Google or Youtube search away. (Seriously, it's important! Stretching burns more calories, prevents muscle injuries, helps keep you limber for things like deeper squats, and helps muscle recovery so the muscle grows bigger and faster!) Enjoy the video!

1. Warm Up

To wake up and stretch your muscles, we'll start with a slow and steady warm up. You do not need to move through these exercises quickly. Maintain your balance and slowly go through the movements. Go through the reps on each side, and then go back to the start to repeat the movements for two rounds with no rest in between. By the end of the warm-up, your glutes should be ready for the rest of the workout.

  • High Knee To Reverse Lunge - (Each Leg x 20 Reps)
  • Pulse Lunge Walk - (Lunge + 2 Pulse x Each Leg 20 Reps) Repeat Warm-Up

2. Circuit One

Try to go through every movement with little to no rest in between to keep the intensity high.

  • Hip Thrusts- (20 Reps) The weight is optional. You can go heavier if you need to, as well. For this exercise, you can use a chair, bench, bed or just do bridges flat on your back off of the floor. If you use a chair or bench, make sure that the outer edge that you are leaning against is wedged right at your shoulder blades, and you keep your neck aligned with your spine. Push through with your heels, or keep your feet planted flat and as close to your butt as possible. Both movements will work your butt. Using your heels requires a bit more power and strength. Squeeze your cheeks in at the top of each thrust, and let down slowly.
  • Split Squats - (20 Reps Each Leg) Split squats are one of my favorite exercises! You can modify this workout to make it harder by holding dumbbells in each hand to put pressure on the squat. You want to go down as low as possible, never letting your knee on the the lunging leg go over your foot. Don't put too much space between you and the chair/bench/foundation your other leg is resting on, but you want enough space to hit the muscle.
  • Squat With Pulse - (10 Reps of 4 Squat + 4 Pulse) Go into as deep of a squat as you can, keeping your feet flat and shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your cheeks at the top of each squat. At the bottom of the fourth squat, you are going to hold the squat in the lowest point and pulse on your flattened feet four times, then bring the squat back up again. To make it harder, you can hold a weight like I did, or customize the move to a goblet squat. Repeat this movement 20 times.
  • Standing Kick Backs - (20 Reps Each Leg) Keeping yourself balanced, kickbacks are basically like doing standing donkey kicks. You are going to want to kick your leg high enough to feel it right in your butt muscle, but not high enough to throw your body. The chair wasn't necessarily needed but is appropriate if you have a hard time balancing or you think you might need to straighten up to get your form right.
  • Deadlift Toe Touch - (20 Reps) The weight here is totally optional, I used a simple 20-pound weight, but you can simply just stay in form and touch your toes to get the same results. The weight modification puts a bit more work on the hamstrings. Arch your back and slightly bend your knees. Keep your head aligned with your spine. Keep your back slightly arched, and your butt out through this entire movement. Hinge at the hips and bend slowly towards your feet, and come back up. You can do this with straight legs, but if you have lower back issues, it is better to put a slight bend in your knee.

One Minute Rest

Repeat Circuit One (Try to go for two Rounds!)

Circuit Two

  • Single Leg Wall Sit Kicks - (10 Reps Each Leg) Start off by getting into a standard wall sit, go as deep as you can. Bring one leg up and steady your arm for balance. Once you have maintained your balance on one leg, slightly pulse your lifted leg for ten reps. Do this with each leg.
  • Single Leg Tricep Dips- (10 Reps Each Leg) This move does work your triceps, but you feel it mostly in your thighs and butt. As you can see, after a few reps, GIRL. this one hurts. Power through though, because it is so worth it. Keep the supporting foot that is on the floor completely flat, and keep your arms at a natural, shoulder-width. If you feel pain in your shoulders, back, or neck- adjust the width of your arms a but closer or a bit farther apart to support your weight.
  • Standing Lateral Leg Lifts - (20 Reps Each Leg) For harder moderation, you can place a weight on your hip, and lift with your leg power. Don't bend too far forward. Keep yourself upright and balanced.
  • Side Lunge With Pulse - (1 Lunge + 3 Pulse x 20 Reps) This lunge will work your inner thighs and the pulse will work your outer thighs and your glutes. Using this stretching move as a bit of a finisher, go into a deep side lunge, careful of form, don't stretch too far or push your knee too far over your foot. On every lunge, hold the position with three pulses into the lunge, come back together and repeat on the other side.

Rest One Minute

Repeat Circuit Two (Try to go for two rounds!)

This routine got me burning in all the right places. And I am not mad about it! Hopefully you enjoyed this one as much as I did and you will feel it tomorrow. Remember that if you like my recipes and workouts, you can follow me on social media for more tips, videos, and content.

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Keep being human, and stay strong!

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