Boost your metabolism and burn fat by these simple steps

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Don't avoid these if you want to stay healthy

Boost your metabolism and burn fat by these simple steps

Many of us are looking for ways to lose fat fast. We think how much better it would be if I could lose fat faster. If you know how to lose fat fast, if you can shed excess body fat, that shirt or this jeans would be better. We say, where there is a will, there is a way. Then there is definitely a way to lose fat fast, isn't it? This is what I will tell you today.

We can divide fat burning into two headings. One is exercise, the other is controlling eating habits. If these two can be done regularly, then it is possible to achieve the desired goal.

Exercising every day is not necessary. 4days a week is enough. Small exercises, which can be done without any equipment - these free hand exercises are very useful.

1. Walk fast

We always hear about walking. But if you are thinking of ways to lose fat fast, then there is no alternative to walking. First warm up and walk fast for 5 minutes, then take a break of 30 seconds, walk slowly for these 30 seconds. This has to be done several times. Do it for the first 20 minutes, then slowly for 50 minutes to 1 hour. This exercise can reduce weight up to 13 pounds in 1 month.

2.Push up

This exercise is also very familiar to us. Lying down on all fours, placing hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Then straighten your arms and legs. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor, once down, up again. Once you get used to it, lift one leg up and do it three times, then lift up the other leg three times and push up.

3.Standing Bird Dog Exercise

You can understand by looking at the name, what the exercise will be like. First stand on the right leg, then slowly bring the left leg to the chest. After 2 seconds, lift the left leg backwards, and raise both hands upwards. When it is over, do the exercise with the right leg with the mass on the left leg.

Exercises 2 and 3 can help you lose up to 22 pounds in 2 months.

4.Barpi exercise

Keep both legs together and raise both hands above the head. Then slowly lower your hands and place them on the ground, with both hands on either side of your legs. Now first extend the left leg backwards, then bring the left leg back to the previous position and extend the right leg backwards. Then stand again and raise both hands above the head. Do this several times.

5.Side plank exercise

Lift your body to zero with the right arm and the edge of the right leg, so that the shoulders, waist and legs are in the same line. Now lift the left hand upwards. Change the side after a while.

B) Eating habits

6.Green tea

Everyone knows more or less about green tea. There is no other to shed excess fat. Increasing the rate of metabolism does not allow excess fat to accumulate.


Lack of iron leads to lack of oxygen. Then the rate of metabolism also decreases. That is why it is very important to eat iron. Meat, poultry, and seafood and Bananas are rich in iron. Iron tablets can also be taken if necessary.


It is not possible to survive without drinking water, but many people may not know that water reduces weight. Now if you drink more than one and a half liters of water per day, you can burn 16,400 extra calories a year.


Milk and dairy foods should be eaten more. The calcium in it plays an important role in burning fat. But avoid sugar.


Eat more fish, because eating fish lowers the level of a hormone called leptin. If the hormone leptin is high, there is a tendency to increase fat.

11.Peanut butter

Wondering, why eat butter? The fact is that this butter contains a lot of magnesium. And because of this it also increases the rate of your metabolism. You can also eat only peanuts if you wish. 320 mg of magnesium per day is enough.


Many people do not eat in the morning to lose fat. Never do it. If you do not eat in the morning, the rate of metabolism decreases a lot. So fat is not burned.


Protein foods should be eaten at every meal. This increases the rate of metabolism.


Avoid starchy foods. Avoid refined flour, white rice, potatoes. Can eat brown flour. Carbohydrates cannot be omitted. Vegetables, pulses, brown flour will meet the demand for carbohydrates from these.

C) Other

There are some more rules to follow to reduce fat quickly and not to gather excess fat. E.g.

15) If your metabolism rate seems low, then seek medical help. Be sure to check your thyroid gland.

16) Avoid stress as much as you can. Increases cortisol hormone in stress conditions. Appetite increases, metabolism rate decreases. Then the fat will accumulate. So always be happy, you can meditate if needed.

17) Do not eat the food that you eat daily at once, take it again and again in small portions. This will evade your brain, then your metabolism rate will continue to increase. You can follow it with a routine. E.g.

8 am - Breakfast

11 a.m. - light snacks

1 pm - Lunch

4 pm - light meal

9pm - Dinner

10/11 pm - A glass of milk.

This way you can make your routine according to your choice. Notice, this routine lists more meals in the morning. Because the rate of metabolism is very low after sleeping all night.

18.Adequate sleep

Insufficient sleep increases stress hormone and insulin levels. The rate of metabolism also decreases. So get enough sleep regularly.

This way you can easily reduce body fat fast.

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