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Biggest Fitness Industry Secret

What They Don't Want You to Know...

By Kevin ArmentroutPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Everyone is always asking what the secret is to healthy living, weight-loss, and getting into better shape. Well, I’m going to let you in on one of the biggest industry secrets that no one in the fitness profession wants you to know. The real inside secret to weight-loss and better health is…. wait for it… NOTHING! There isn’t one. The real secret is that there is no secret. No fitness professional wants you to know that there isn’t any one plan, strategy, or inside knowledge to any health and fitness program.

“The real secret is that there is NO secret.”

I’m not just talking about magic pills, weight-loss shakes, or diet fads. I’m talking about every single plan on the market today, including my own. See, as long as the program is sound and doesn’t cause injury or risk to health, the plan is most likely pretty good, if not great. Healthy eating isn’t rocket science, nor is your average workout. The problem is in ourselves, not the plan. That’s the true secret the industry doesn’t want you to know. The moment you realize that the path to health and fitness is actually in your mind and not in some program is when you will break free from an industry that has gotten completely out of control. Let’s be honest, Big Fitness is a lot like Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry benefits from keeping us sick. That’s why everything is designed to reduce the symptoms, not cure the disease. The majority of the fitness industry is no different. They benefit more from giving temporary relief of the symptoms than actually correcting the problem. This is the only way to keep you, the consumer, in a continuous need of products and services.

Take an honest look at the past 30 years of the top trends in the fitness industry. Tell me how in over a quarter century of the biggest advancements in technology, we haven’t changed a single thing in how we approach health and fitness.

Miracle Shakes: Slim Fast (1987)

One of the original weight-loss/meal-replacement shakes of our culture, and still in business today. This wasn’t about balanced nutrition, because there was nothing nutritious about it. This was about convenience, a quick fix, and the easy way to so-called Health. For the next 30 years, every weight-loss shake imaginable would pop up all over the market, each one claiming to the best next thing and the answer to your weight-loss problems. Slim Fast, Shakeology, 18Shake, Herbalife Formula 1, Lean Shake, Vi Shape, Isagenix, 310 Shakes, Evolv Shakes, and on and on…

Trendy Diets: Atkins Diet (1970s)/ SouthBeach Diet (1990s)

Just two of the bigger diets before the turn of the century and only a couple among hundreds. Yes, hundreds. The amount of fad diets that have hit our mainstream culture is ridiculous. Low carb, high carb, high protein, low fat, Paleo, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, macro counting, If It Fits Your Macros, and more… By the time I’m done writing this, there will most likely be a new diet starting to trend.

Fitness Gimmicks: The Thigh Master (1990)

This is the one that started them all. An informercial dream! You could sculpt your legs, thighs, and butt while sitting on your couch, watching television. Since the Thigh Master, everything under the sun has been offered to tone your arms, legs, abs, and butt. This is what paved the way for the Shake Weight! Nothing has brought more shame to the fitness industry than the Shake Weight. Because of The Thigh Master, you can now rock, twist, roll, and even let electrodes do all the work for you. The idea that you don't need a gym or any fancy weights, you don't need to run or really exercise, you just need this one gadget to fix all your fitness problems. These products will never stop coming, and I highly doubt people will stop buying them either. The Ab Roller, The Ab Rocker, The Ab Lounge, The Ab Circle, The Body Blade, The Hawaii Chair, The Vibro Belt, and so many more…

Home Workouts: Sweating to The Oldies (1988)

Richard Simmons: There were a few big home workout DVDs (or then VHS) that were dominating the market back then. Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks, Denise Austin, and quite a few celebrities were killing the home workout videos department. Some of these weren’t that bad and others were down right ridiculous, but we were buying them faster than they could make them. Every time I turn around there is another video system to trump all other videos prior. Tae-Bo, Buns of Steel, 20-Minute Workout, Zumba, 8-Minute Abs, P90X, Insanity — this list is literally endless.

So, where do you look for answers? Who do you trust, and what should you do? The problem with most health and fitness strategies is that the strategy is not the real problem. The real problem is our own mentality towards our health and fitness. Many of the things I’ve listed here actually can be beneficial to your health. The issue is your mindset in implementing them into your life. Your mindset is everything. No one would argue that determination and the right mentality isn’t a huge part of an athlete’s success. So, why would that differ for you or me? All the information in the world and all the training available will not help a person that isn’t mentally conditioned to make the change. This is the very reason so few exercise programs focus on the mental approach to fitness. If they did, they would eventually lose you as a customer. You would obtain the appropriate mindset to take on your own health and fitness goals, and not need to rely any outside programs to make you wild promises of an easy change. If you were very honest with yourself before every meal you ate, and I mean very honest, I’m confident you would be able to answer a lot more health questions than you think. Common sense is actually very sensible. If you asked yourself, before you ate something, if what you were eating was healthy or not, I’m sure you would be surprised at your assessment of yourself. If it comes in a box, has a paragraph of ingredients, and you can’t pronounce what’s in it… it’s not healthy. It’s not good for you.

When you really assert yourself to your health goals or any goals for that matter, and truly understand your purpose within them, you will be unstoppable. You will seek the right information. You will learn what is important, and no longer look for the easy strategy. You will look for what works and not for what sells. You will become a producer and not a consumer. Your issue lies in your mind and not in your fitness plan. Ask yourself, why? Why now? Why hasn’t change worked before? Why didn’t it last? Answer those questions, and you will see the real strategy.

For more information on understanding mindset, achieving any goal, and how to create a Relentless State of Mind, pick up a copy today.

For more information on understanding mindset, achieving any goal, and how to create an unstoppable state of mind, pick up a copy today.

Relentless State of Mind: The Power of Mental Conditioning


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