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Best Yoga Pants for Every Body

It's nearly impossible not to pull off yoga pants, because they make every butt look amazing. So, if you're considering getting a pair, check out a few of our best yoga pants for every body!

By Jacqueline HanikehPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Oh, yoga pants. I love the way you make me look like a bodybuilding athlete, when in reality I wear you after I eat too much.

And this is certainly true—you don't have to work out to wear a pair, but wear them when your other pants can't handle your full tummy. This is just among the pros of wearing yoga pants. Even though they were probably designed specifically to be worn for doing yoga, or working out in general, people are making better use of yoga pants. They're super comfortable and they outline your figure to a T!

Sure, yoga pants are ideal to wear when working out, because of how stretchy and flexible they are. You won't have to worry about ripping a pair while doing squats, lunges, etc., since the majority of them are made out of stretchy material.

Speaking of material, even though they look really tight at first glance, once you put on a pair, they slip right on and hug your figure like a glove! Which is why literally everyone's ass looks phenomenal while wearing yoga pants. The pants just fit into your curves, in between and under your booty, giving you the illusion of possessing a fuller butt—who doesn't want that?

But, aside from making you look great, yoga pants can be worn while jogging outside or bumming it out on the couch (like me). Take a look at the following best yoga pants for every body and I assure you any one of these are ideal for yoga practice, working out... or compulsive eating. Before I begin the list, all of these pairs come in a variety of sizes. So, if your body shape is more slim fit, or on the curvier side, we got you covered!

Adidas is one of the greatest brands to create workout clothing, which includes making one of the best yoga pants for every body. Their pair designed by Stella McCartney is a great choice for jogging, working out, or even grabbing coffee with a friend.

It only comes in this light to dark gray design, with the logo printed on the front waistband. This Adidas pair fits on like a glove from top to bottom—basically outlining your entire bottom figure. You've seen many plain black yoga pants, which make this one exceptional and unique among all the rest. Also, as a plus, the front view gives off the illusion of having skinner legs, if that's what you're aiming for.

If you're not digging the dull and boring colored yoga pants and want something more flashy, this is perfect for you. These slim-tight yoga pants may look like it's tough to move around in, but they're actually super flexible and make working out a breeze—making this pair one of the best yoga pants for every body.

Just look at the style! It's literally beautiful and I'm seriously considering buying a pair myself. Even though the front has a bright, silvery appearance, the back is actually plain black—you're getting the best of both worlds here! You'd be practicing yoga in the most stylish way with this pair. But seriously, are you heading to the disco or the gym in these? You definitely won't be making any yoga fashion mistakes wearing these.

Let's warm things up with these lovely yoga pants that are made with red and light pink chevron-print tie-dyed material. If you don't want anything too flashy like the previous pair, but still want to show up to yoga practice fashionably, Electric & Rose has you covered with one of the best yoga pants for every body.

Not to mention this is a fantastic pair to wear around the cooler season of autumn. You know, the stunning colors of the dying trees and your mellow red yoga pants? Honestly, I'd stop jogging and take an Instagram photo by a vibrant red-leafed tree in this pair. Not only will these yoga pants make your butt look great, but the beautiful color overall will lure other's eyes and drench you in compliments.

Um, cut out yoga pants?! Yes, please! This style is definitely trending for current yoga pants and if you've never seen or heard of a pair before, are you living under a rock? Not only did Ultracor create a great pair, but... they're just seriously awesome and totally out of the ordinary.

This specific pair has a cool ombré effect going on—from a smokey dark green starting from the bottom, then rising up to gray and black. Along the sides of the legs are two rows of various small slits. So, not only are you getting this rad ombré effect, but cut outs along the sides of your legs! Your fellow workout buddies will be jealous seeing you in this and will probably be asking where you bought them.

Among the odd, but totally stylish and super flattering, of the best yoga pants for every body, this pair is packed with color. I mean packed. You're getting stripes in colors of yellow, red, black, blue, white, silver, orange, and pink. Did I miss a color? Who cares, these yoga pants practically absorbed a rainbow from the sky.

No Ka'Oi was inspired by the gorgeous colors of Hawaii and created this masterpiece. As fashionable as this pair is, you're still getting the full effects of the yoga pants. Meaning your bottom half will be snugged in this pair like a glove and outlining your curves and calves. Obviously, your butt will look fuller than usual in its stretchy material. Practicing yoga in these will seriously change your life.

No Ka'Oi is at it again with their super, amazing-looking yoga pants. Well, to be fair, they do create among the best yoga pants for every body. Just like their previous pair, this one is colorful—but with a much more special design!

Just look at it, these multi-colored color-blocked microfiber yoga pants are not only on the fashionable side of workout clothes, but have great quality when really grinding your squats in. No matter how intense your lunges are, these bad boys won't dare to rip on you.

Are you looking for some great designer yoga pants to fulfill your high-end needs? I feel you, even activewear can come in luxury brands. But Versus' is certainly among the best yoga pants for every body. It's obvious that most designer yoga pants are plain and basic, with the brand's name printed somewhere on the pair.

Before you guys rip me a new one and call me a hypocrite for picking this pair, these yoga pants are different! I promise, and they're actually really cool. Yes, you got the basic black, with the brand's name printed on the waistband, but you've got amazing stretchy material and tonal stitching. You're not getting plain black, but an edgy design scattered all over. So not only are you buying the name, but the overall great quality. And this pair easily goes with anything you wear to the gym.

Ah, Nike—you seriously do produce a few of the best yoga pants for every body. Yoga pants by Nike is also most people's first choice in buying, simply because the material is phenomenal. Plus, you can never go wrong with Nike—they're one of the best activewear clothing brand ever.

Like I said before, we all should own at least one pair of plain black yoga pants in our closet—we just have to. Black is the best color. And to give you a heads up, this specific pair is honestly ideal. For a mid-rise and cropped leg, you're also getting zippered vent at cuffs by the ankles and tonal stitching. Sounds like the perfect pair to workout or jog in... and eat a whole box of donuts in, too.

Here's another great pair of yoga pants from the Stella McCartney collection by Adidas — also among the best yoga pants for every body. This black pair isn't your ordinary black yoga pants, they're much more stylish—with meshed netting! Don't know what that is? Take a closer look at the pair, the material is covered in netting starting from the upper thighs and reaching down to the ankles. Just like cut outs on yoga pants, netting is among the hottest styles, too. It's a more modern design and I guarantee you won't stop getting compliments at the gym, or at Taco Bell.

How many times am I going to mention the amazing yoga pants created by No Ka'Oi? So far, the pairs we've been seeing are certainly fashionable, super flattering, definitely colorful, and all have ideal material for exercising. They undoubtably make a few of the best yoga pants for every body.

While these yoga pants are colorful, the shading is very vibrant! And it's a great balance of bright light blue, yellow, white, gray, and a cool down with that hint of black. This specific pair makes your booty look amazing, since your butt is consumed in black while the rest of your legs are drenched in an assortment of colors.

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