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Be Careful While Selecting Your Online Canadian Pharmacy

by Nancy Ahuja 2 years ago in advice
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It is very important to exercise caution while purchasing medicinal drugs from an online Canadian pharmacy. In the recent years, there have been unfortunate circumstances of drugs being sold without authorized doctors’ prescriptions. If you want to stay away from the law, it is better to buy drugs at a reputed online pharmacy, especially in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The US Food and Drug Administration has found a number of pharmacies selling their drugs at discounted prices, and many of the drugs have been found to be counterfeit. Carry out a thorough search on the Internet and get in touch with reliable sources to find a suitable site for Canada drugs online. In fact, it is perfectly understandable for people to order from these sites since many of them cannot survive without regular doses of these medicines.

Signs of counterfeit medicines

You need to be alert for the following signs of fraud medicine being sold online:

  1. Spam mails advertising extremely cheap medicines
  2. Medical prescriptions being issued without the doctor’s consent
  3. Any medicines that are available outside your state or country should be under the radar
  4. No licensed pharmacist being available to answer important questions

Being easily attracted by messages in your spam mail folder makes you more susceptible to false medications. Common topics of such messages are Erectile Dysfunction, or availability of Viagra at a cheap price. Counterfeit companies take advantages of such problems for which people try to find online solutions instead of going to doctors.

It is vital to be careful of rogue online pharmacies which may not be able to supply you with the right active ingredient. In case the active ingredient, critical for treatment, is in very low doses, you also need to check the possible presence of other harmful ingredients in this drug.

Huge demand creates problems of counterfeit medicines

The Coronavirus epidemic is placing tremendous demand on pharmacies of the world, especially the ones accepting online orders. This gets the maximum numbers since it is the safest way of placing an order. Naturally, individuals have to be tremendously careful to protect themselves from counterfeit medicines during such a situation. Coronavirus will affect only a segment of the population, but there’ll be an equally large group asking for regular diabetes and cancer-related drugs. If the pharmacy is not able to cope up, there may be chances of fake medicines being sent.

It is not very easy to fool customers and do successful business over the Internet. Most people can see through company details, and so looking at the URL of a pharmacy can easily determine whether it is legit or not.

Regulation of Canadian drugs available online

Canada has a high number of both illegitimate and legitimate online pharmacies, with unsuspecting customers falling prey to the former. The largest number of Canadian pharmacies is regulated by NAPRA (National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities). To check whether a pharmacy is verified by the Canadian regulatory authority, use these methods:

1)Approved by the Canadian pharmacy Regulatory Authority- To check the license, simply go to the web portal of the pharmacy regulatory authority in the area where the company has set up its business, and verify its license here. Yet another option would be to check on the Canadian business address given on the website of the pharmacy. Here you will also find information in the form of an email address and the pharmacy license number of the company.

2)Approved as per the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program- This program, abbreviated as NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) is the counterpart of NAPRA from the US. Its duty is to promote legal and safe online pharmacy stores, and provide legitimate information about them. Although this program is not as popular as NAPRA, it is certainly growing at a rapid rate.

Always check testimonials

A reputed pharmacy website will have a number of testimonials from regular users. Observing the general trend of reviews will give you an overall idea of how well the pharmacy is doing. You may even be able to search other review websites to find neutral opinions. Of course, it is always a great idea if you can find a known reference that used the same website. That way, a lot more credibility is assigned to a particular site.

Americans order their drugs from Canada

Though it may sound absurd, but Americans are mostly ordering their medicinal drugs from Canada. The main reason for this is the price, which is many times lower than the States. As a result of this, imports of prescription drugs from Canada were ordered by the US President a year ago. This plan allowed drug wholesalers, retail pharmacy stores, and various drug manufacturers to make bulk purchases from Canadian suppliers at very low prices. To place an order for these, customers needed to present prescriptions from their doctors.


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