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Awake In The Womb

by Taylor Mace 4 days ago in spirituality

Earth's Witch

The Beauty of Life Starts With Us

As a child, I didn't even so much as know what the word psychic meant, nor was our technology advanced enough, let alone the intellectual and mental awareness throughout humanity. Being said, I had absolutely no way of learning about the struggles I was having during my childhood, that, little did I know, they were actually psychic abilities I was experiencing. My first psychic experience, I was still in the womb, my pineal gland/third eye was already open; which of course, the third eye is another sight that requires no actual vision, just increased awareness. Some people say it's impossible to remember your birth, but I remember almost every second of it. In my first year of biology, I remember seeing a scoping through the tiny camera lens, on a short video we had to watch. Since I always had past visions of being in the womb, I prepared to discover before the video began, if I truly remember, or was I just making it all up through my imagination; because at this point, I had yet to see what the inside of a stomach looked like. Once the video began, I knew I wasn't crazy. But this was only one of my many experiences, being born psychic. I was easily noticed as a weird kid. In fact, I am such a strong empath on the psychic spectrum, I can feel the energy of insects and animals, which really allows me to respect and value all life. I will surely, tell more of that story another day. But for now, I have some other stories to tell, that focus more on my psychic awareness and abilities since birth. A lot of the time, I actually thought I had some sort of eye disease, because all I could see at random times, was shapes and colors floating through my vision. No eye doctor or any adult, could relate or even tell me what was happening. In fact, nobody even knew what I was talking about. I had many eye exams done growing up, nothing was ever found, no issues anywhere to be found. I grew very frustrated as a child, to these experiences, often asking adults "What's wrong with my eyes?" and "Why can't I see normally?" Little did I know, these were orbs and energy fields I was seeing. Including the Earth's energy field, which is very amazing to see by the way, I truly wish everyone could. I often wish I could show people what I see, it's just so mesmerizing. One day, I'd love to write more about that as well, including doing energy healings on the Earth, and what that is like, as far as I'm aware, it's insanely dangerous. I'd love to write a short story one day, and share it here with all of you. As I got older however, with the right awareness and training through spiritual values and teachings, the colors and shapes became more transparent, allowing me to see more easily, as well as, I gained more control over it, allowing me to choose to turn the ability off. Which I am greatly thankful for that, because I was even worried about my abilities to drive; like what if, a huge pink blob covered a sign or a signal light? That was always a scary thought, but throughout my spiritual journey, it became easier to control, and is now more adaptable for me. The fears I just described, lead me to tell the story of another psychic ability, that was probably one of the scariest psychic experiences in my life growing up. Often, I would have random out of body experiences, that would scare the hell out of me. This is especially because, they would happen while I was awake. I would be walking through the halls at school, and get this dizzy spell feeling, like I was about to hit the floor. I never did, but that's also because I was so afraid of it; which while trying to have an out of body experience, if you feel fear at all, you will not be able to do it. So, my soul would always try, but I would feel immediate panic, which made it a failed attempt. Throughout my spiritual journey however, I have been able to gain more control over that happening, and willingly do it while I'm awake now. This is also why, I am very certain that I'm a star child, or actually a Celestial being, here to fix the planet. Not only do I greatly care about the Earth, but I deeply care about all the life on it as well. I have many plans and ideas that will save humanity and the planet, it's just the matter of me getting through all my struggles first, through my early adulthood, and absent income. I frequently Astral travel, to outerspace, it's always where my soul wants to go, I watch over the planet, communicate with it through.energy, I help to keep it as strong and healthy as possible, so Earth can hopefully survive longer, weather can calm down, and we can all be healthier.

If you enjoyed this story, make sure to stay tuned, as this isn't even half of my psychic experiences or abilities, as a psychic!

Thank you for choosing to read a part of my story!


Taylor Mace

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Taylor Mace
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