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Astrological Calendar 0915: Libra to avoid something Aquarius stop loss in time

by Eddy 2 months ago in spirituality
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Today's Horoscope

Astrological Calendar 0915: Libra to avoid something Aquarius stop loss in time
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Today's Horoscope.

Today is a good day to reassess the character of others. Some people seem nice or friendly to you, but actually do a lot of bad things behind your back. You can filter out some of the bad that is on the surface, but it's hard to see the darkness within others. So you are advised not to trust each other too quickly and give each other more time.

Lucky color: Green

Lucky number: 0

Matching sign: Sagittarius

Lucky item: black pointed crystal

Today's mood: blue sky


Today's fortune.

Interpersonal relationships are good today, and it is easy to understand each other with others. Single people, the possibility of AUO above is high, you may have an emotional spark with a friend. Even in the face of strangers, you are not so shy. Those who have a partner can let their partner into their circle.

Lucky color: Beige

Lucky number: 2

Compatible sign: Virgo

Lucky item: Spinel

Today's mood: one word: dry


Today's horoscope.

You will live a more intense life today and always feel that you don't have enough time. You may have to take the initiative to work overtime to complete a task, or a job suddenly requires you to complete in an expedited manner. Paperwork reporting type of work will also be more, not only work busy, but also to do a good job of expression management.

Lucky color: red

Lucky number: 8

Compatible sign: Pisces

Lucky item: Topaz

Today's mood: the sky is cloudy and dark


Today's horoscope.

You have a feeling of isolation today. You have to force yourself to be independent, you can no longer rely on others during this time, it is best to do everything yourself. Whether you are good at socializing or not, you have to create your own network, but also have to make yourself a resource of different circles. Doing things on your own and maintaining your network is the rule of the day.

Lucky color: Gold

Lucky number: 4

Compatible sign: Pisces

Lucky item: blue onyx

Today's mood: Rain is like a sharp arrow


Today's horoscope.

You will try hard to accept new things today. You are an open-minded person and won't resist new things that come along. But the process of adapting to new things will seem a little difficult, you may need to change your thinking patterns or habits, and unfamiliar people, etc..

Lucky color: Coffee

Lucky number: 5

Compatible sign: Pisces

Lucky item: sapphire

Today's mood: apricot rain and pear clouds


Today's fortune.

Today you are proud with your mouth but honest with your body. You are prone to inconsistency between words and deeds, as if you have high demands on your emotions, but you are actually very good at coaxing. Your heart desires pure and sincere love, but the attitude seems to be high and mighty, shy to put down the body.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 3

Compatible sign: Capricorn

Lucky item: Moissanite diamond

Today's mood: waiting for the wind to come


Today's Horoscope.

Today you may have the idea of running away from something. This thing may be something you fear, or it may be the person who brings you a sense of fear. You unconsciously show a desire to escape or resist. I know it's harsh to face certain facts, but running away won't solve the problem.

Lucky color: Pink

Lucky number: 5

Compatible sign: Taurus

Lucky item: red agate

Today's mood: wind and snow


Today's horoscope.

You look very mature today, but there is a sensitive part inside. In fact, you are easily hurt, no sand in the eyes, but you do not want to show sensitive and suspicious, afraid that others will reject such a self. In fact, you can be a little more dashing, interpersonal interactions do not need to think too much.

Lucky color: black

Lucky number: 9

Matching sign: Sagittarius

Lucky item: jade plate agate

Today's mood: the wind is fast and the waves are high


Today's fortune.

Today you will come into contact with a powerful nobleman. If you can be frank with each other, you may have the opportunity to get the help of noble people, ta will introduce you into a larger development space. Those who like to invest, there will be some investment opportunities today, you can participate, but it is recommended not to invest too much.

Lucky color: caramel

Lucky number: 6

Compatible sign: Virgo

Lucky item: blue tourmaline

Today's mood: cool


Today's horoscope.

Today is a day to bide your time. It's a good day for hard work, for learning to enrich yourself, and for making good relationships. Although the efforts made today can not see the results today, but in the next three weeks you will slowly see the return.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 7

Compatible sign: Leo

Lucky item: Aquamarine

Today's mood: Tornado


Today's fortune.

Today you know how to give up, know timely stop loss. Especially in the middle of a crush, you will consider whether this unrequited love is worth, once you find that the other party is not a good person, you will be dash to pull out. Some people may not have definite action, but at least the thinking has changed.

Lucky color: Gray

Lucky number: 1

Matching sign: Scorpio

Lucky item: cat's eye stone

Today's mood: Moving waterfall


Today's horoscope.

Today you are very vindictive, many things in your body can not turn over the page. Those who have bullied you, perhaps you will not do anything on the surface, but inside really can not do to forgive. Today's you will also subconsciously observe the character of others, fearing that their efforts can not be rewarded.

Lucky color: milk teal

Lucky number: 0

Matching sign: Sagittarius

Lucky item: turquoise

Today's mood: cold shower


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