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As within, so without.

by Tonya Boland 9 months ago in spirituality
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All things must come to the light.

As within, so without.
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Once upon a time, the moon lost its

light and all that remained was a little girl madly searching the dark for the other half of her soul. The darkness, containing only her cries of deep sorrow and anguish. Echoing through

the darkness, giving it a special song, her cries reached up to the clouds bouncing off them. Her tears creating tiny beads of misty rain, and all that remained was time. As he walked through the garden he felt her misty tears raining down on his crown. He wrinkled his brow and

appeared at the edge of the darkness, her weary face drenched in tear stains as she turned over every rock and pebble

searching. She knew it was him the

minute she heard him deeply clear his throat. He tapped his staff on the ground, “COME" he commanded. “Crawl into my lap and tell me why you refuse to come out of the dark child”. She hung her head as his words echoed deeply

inside her ears. All nestled into his soft round lap like she'd been there forever, she thought very

intensely about his question. Knowing that no one

makes him wait she took her time. Listening to his soft deep breaths, she reached her slender fingers

up her tummy and slid them down her side as if to check the hollow space where "IT" resided for so

long just once more. She musters the strength to look up into his soft beautiful eyes, noticing his

crown slipping to one side. "I promised" she

whimpers. "I promised to never leave it behind"

and I cannot imagine living without it in the light.

"So I'll remain here until I find it " her tiny figure trembling as she spoke such bold words. She sat there frozen, waiting for him to make a sound. Her body trembling, engulfed in the soft cloud that was his lap. He lifted his head with a swift nod, sliding his crown to its proper place. His brow furrowed as he spoke. “ Child it is time you see what’s been hidden“ And with a strong hand tapped his staff on the ground. Suddenly she was being lifted to his shoulder and before she could blink, they had stopped in front of a dark dungeon. He gently helped her to her feet. Then opened the door, “after you” his stern voice echoed through the dark hallway. Her toes sinking into the clay like floor as she boldly stepped inside but to what? She didn’t know. As they approached, she observed an empty dark room, she looked up at him in confusion. He scowled and looked towards the darkest corner of the jail. Noticing him lift his staff again and command loudly, “PRESENT YOURSELF CREATURE”tapping the staff as he spoke. As he did she caught a glimpse of a leg with fur, shaking as if it were so very scared. Then appearing cautiously from the dark, the most hideous creature she’d ever seen. She noticed It trembling, Its eyes hollow and sunken. She listened up at him as he spoke, “THERE WERE DECISIONS MADE IN THE DARK CHILD AND THOSE DECISIONS MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE LIGHT” He pointed his staff at the creature again. “Tell her” he commanded, “tell her what you’ve done”. She kneeled down, to be face to face with the hideous thing. Looking him boldly in his hollow eyes, a characteristic that set her aside from the others. As it hissed and snarled at her she caught a glimpse of a feather on the floor near his wounded leg. She quickly picked it up and leaned back up to look behind him. Her eyes broadening as she seen the set of wings attached to his back, examining them she noticed a bone petruding through his shoulder blade and the wing barely hanging on. She leaped to her feet looking up at her MASTER with shock and concern “but…but…he’s an Angel”. He quickly turned his burning gaze towards the creature…”He is no longer”, “he is a fallen “ as his words echoed through the dungeon. The creature began to weep, she dropped to his level to comfort him without giving it a second thought. He watched her nurture the very thing that brought her anguish…he grumbled and tapped his staff against its broken wing, suddenly everything the creature knew was given to her in a vision, every dreadful detail. She grasped her mid section, her mind receiving visions, her heart racing. She fell into the floor holding her tummy tightly, trembling with agony as she re played It’s demise over and over in her head like a movie stuck on rewind. The screams as it fell to its doom. She cried so loud the entire universe heard her dispair, feeling her pain the sky layed down and wept, the sun layed its head down to mourn, the moon retreated to sob alone. He watched her take all this in and choked back his tears for his strength is what would raise her from the depths of her soul and replenish her life with light and happiness. So he straightened his back and lifted his head high to set example for his fallen child. He cleared his throat and listened to her weep. He stood with patience, and strength, he stood with love and protection for his child and when he seen her trembling body with her fingernails digging into her skin as she cried he pulled his robe out and shielded her from it all. Wrapping the satin cloth around her body and whispered softly “ YOU ARE FREE CHILD” and just as the words flowed from his lips he heard the weeping stop. He caressed her softly, feeling the pain leave her tiny body. She lifted her head and smiled sweetly at her Master. His hand extended to her, she reached out to him and just as he started to pull her to her feet, the creature who had been laying dormant listening to her sorrow, hissed as he twisted and felt a sharp pain in his wounded leg. She turned her attention towards the creature, looking at him with deep sadness. She leaned over and caressed his broken leg, and without hesitation ripped a shred of cloth from her dress, Her Master watched in disappointment, he watched her touch the creature’s bone , she found a piece of wood creating a splint for the broken bone. The creature hissed and snarled as she set it and wrapped it tightly for him. The creature couldn’t believe she was showing such mercy to the very thing that robbed her of her soulmate. He hung his head in shame as she gently caressed his torn and tattered wing, she whispered “ I know it hurts” a tear running down her cheek. The creature nuzzled her hand and purred at the gentle touch he longed for. She leaned and kissed him gently on the cheek and the creature cried out immediately, weeping for what he’d done to this innocent girl. He stood watching her do what she did best. He raised his eyebrow, looking at the lost creature he’d once deemed suitable to watch over his children. Feeling rage he lifted his staff for one final judgment upon this fallen soul. Looking up at her father she felt her soul get sickened knowing what was next, she knew not to question him, no one did. So she cried out, leaping forward to shield it from its doom. Throwing her body over the creature so that the decision was her, “take me, take me” were the words he could understand through her shrieking cries. Having enough, he tapped his staff on the ground and suddenly she was back in the place she had spent so long in, the place she’d made a home in while in search of her other half. She caught her breath and looked around the dark shadows. She looked behind her, beside her, reaching out for anything she could feel. She couldn’t hear anything, she couldn’t feel her Master near. She fell to her knees grabbing at the empty place where once so much had resided, tears running down her cheeks..dripping from her chin to the floor. Filling up the bottom of the dark until an ocean of her tears now replaced the empty darkness. She took solace deep inside this ocean of her pain, a place that protected her from even herself, a drowning sea of loyalty and integrity, nothing could penetrate this shelter she’d created with her tears and sorrow. She floated fiercely through the deep Black Sea occasionally whispering his name then blowing it across the ocean like waves and sometimes in the darkest of the night weeping softly to the memories that were all she had left and all that remained was time.

By Tonya Boland



About the author

Tonya Boland

Trying to find my way through a maze of dark deception and psychotic interlusions. A contradiction of sorts. Yet I remain intrigued. Nice to meet you I think~

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