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Are Secrets Good or Bad?

by tnk 4 years ago in advice
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Do you have a deep, dark secret that might be affecting your health?

According to many psychologists, having secrets could be potentially dangerous to our health and behaviors. But this really depends on how many secrets you are holding in and how deep those secrets are. The most common time to have secrets is in high school when teenagers are experiencing different things and being exposed to different groups of people. Statistically, everyone has secrets. Even though you might have more or your secrets are deeper than most, you are not alone.

If you have many deep, dark secrets, then it would probably be best if you let some of those go to your best friend or someone that you trust who will not spill the beans. It is nice to surround yourself with a group of friends or maybe just one friend that you can tell everything to without being judged. If you are not comfortable telling anyone your secrets, then getting a journal or a diary is the best recommendation for keeping your secrets behind closed doors. Keep a lock on it and hide it somewhere that nobody can find. Letting your secrets go in a journal might make you feel very relieved after writing your feelings down on a piece of paper. It might also decrease stress or guilt you might have been feeling while keeping all of those secrets racked up in your mind. It is not healthy for your body to constantly be under stress; try reducing that stress by just writing a paragraph or two about what might be going on in your life that is causing you this stress. This actually works. If you are all balled up with little secrets or deep secrets, let them go with a trustworthy bestie or your favorite diary.

Secrets are okay to an extent, but keeping way too many may result in health problems. Keeping secrets can affect your behavior, cause your body to be under stress, and maybe even ruin relationships. Behavioral problems are a big issue in today's society, and if there are any ways that might help those behavioral problems without seeing a specialist, then do it. Of course if you have more serious issues, see a specialist ASAP. Usually, writing in a diary helps many people with their emotional problems and can potentially make you feel better or find different routes of happiness. I promise you it is out there, you just have to search for it. Many teenagers and young adults have so many secrets that might affect their behavior and create a fight with parents and or other friends.

Like I mentioned earlier on, another common problem that secrets may cause is unnecessary stress. There are very many stressors that have to do with secrets. Teenagers do not need unnecessary stress from secrets. To be completely blunt, secrets are bad for you. Find an alternative way to release these secrets before it is too late. Losing friends or a strong relationship with your parents is not worth keeping secrets over. The sooner your find this alternative, you will feel much happier! Try it out.

Even though an excessive amount of secrets might hurt our health in some ways, having some type of secret isn't not bad. You don't want everyone knowing your business. I understand this completely. I don't want anyone to know what is going on around my life besides the people that are closest to me. I'm sure many people feel the same way. So overall, secrets can be bad for you if you continue to let them build up over time, but there are many different, simple solutions to that, like getting a diary. I hope this article has helped.


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