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Aquarius Horoscope Today: Most & Least Compatible Signs for Aquarius

by Betterhalf 2 months ago in spirituality
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Aquarius Horoscope Today

The planet Uranus rules the 11th astrological sign of the zodiac, Aquarians. Aquarius is an air sign, hence their internal processes are incredibly nimble. They are highly intelligent individuals with a strong desire to assist others. They believe in knowledge and regard it as a source of strength, but they are also quite sentimental and like assisting others out of the goodness of their hearts. Checking the Aquarius horoscope today will help you understand more about them.

Core traits of Aquarius

Aquarians are adventurous, social and humorous. They also enjoy it when their companion provides enough hurdles for the Aquarians to overcome, as per the Aquarius horoscope today. They are good at building connections with individuals on the go. Since their sense of humour offers them an advantage when meeting new people. Their independence makes them not rely on others, and they prefer to remain that way before or after marriage. Furthermore, their curiosity drives them to seek out and learn new things based on the Aquarius horoscope today.

Who is Aquarius most compatible with?

Aquarius & Aries

Aquarius is a free spirit who is drawn to Aries, a fire sign because both are more likely to achieve their goals with similar desires, vibrant energies, independence, and an overall high level of compatibility. Furthermore, they are both honest and forthright, and communication between them is quite simple. Both zodiacs are quite mature in terms of connections and relationships.

Aquarius takes time to emotionally open up. Whereas Aries is quick to display vulnerabilities and accelerate things. Once Aquarius think they've discovered their partner and the one worth committing to, they refuse to give up.

Aquarius expects the same level of devotion and loyalty in return. Thus they may be disappointed and upset if there is a lack of reciprocation or the presence of apathy. Especially when they didn’t get the attention or priority they believe they deserve.

Aquarius & Gemini

Aquarius is four signs apart from Gemini. Both are social and driven, making this one of the most natural combinations you can imagine. Thus they prefer to dig their heels in on how they see the world, whereas Gemini wants to retain the right to change things up at any time. Leveraging their natural tendency to be open-minded and understanding of one another's quirks can keep this breezy couple on the same page.

Aquarius & Sagittarius

Sagittarius, a fire sign, is one of the most compatible signs with Aquarius. Since they both have a contagious sense of passion and love of life. In addition, they both like new experiences and adventures.

They will also improve and increase their independence and personal development. They can collaborate to be there for each other without becoming overly codependent and clingy.

Who is Aquarius Least compatible with?

Aquarius & Cancer

Aquarius, represented by the water-bearer, is sometimes misidentified as a water sign, yet this couldn't be further from the truth. Indeed, this air sign is the least compatible with the water signs, including Cancer. Aquarians are bold and outgoing, which might cause introverted Cancers to retreat even more into their shells.

Cancer needs stability and predictability in daily life, whereas Aquarius enjoys the unexpected and can be fickle. While both signs are intellectual and analytical, they rarely share much other than their need for information.

Aquarius & Virgo

Virgos are neat and technical and tend to conceive ideas and goals with their ideals. Even before establishing standards that are extremely high, unfair, and hypocritical. They are harsh on themselves and even more so on their wedding partner. In addition, they can be critical and unaccepting, to the point where Aquarius no longer feels safe to be vulnerable or loved. Aquarius want to be heard and not made to feel silly or insane. They want to belong and share in love despite each other's wedding flaws.

Aquarius & Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces are both people pleasers, which means they sometimes find it difficult to make time for a wedding romance. While the air and water signs enjoy community building, they don't grasp each other's inner worlds. Aquarius will not want to sit still with Pisces to analyse feelings, and Pisces will find Aquarius' disappearing acts unpleasantly.

The couple's major problem is that they have opposing communication styles. When Pisces embraces Aquarius' flaws, the whimsical air sign will find this extremely endearing. Similarly, Aquarius can gain the trust of Pisces by showing Pisces that the water sign is someone they like.


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