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Apps To Help You Relax and Sleep

by Judith Isidore 3 months ago in wellness
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Technology has found solutions within everyone's reach.

Apps To Help You Relax and Sleep
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While some of us are looking for a few hours to sleep peacefully, away from the burdens of life, the backlog and the noise of children, others sit unable to sleep. It really is a strange paradox in life, but it is there. Where many people suffer from difficulty sleeping or so-called insomnia. Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which people with it have difficulty initiating sleep even when given the appropriate opportunity, difficulty staying asleep, or both. These people often suffer from fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritable mood, and other mental and physical symptoms caused by a lack of sleep. So here we will give tips on a group of relaxation and sleep applications that will help them.

Apps to help you relax and sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping, or you just wish to enjoy relaxation and a peaceful sleep, this is no longer difficult, because technology has found solutions within everyone's reach. So, we have chosen for you some of the applications that help you relax and sleep.

1- Relax and Sleep Well

If you are one of the people who are unable to sleep due to stress and stress, then this application is the best for you. It is a method of relaxation that has been proven to help thousands of people. It is based on the latest safe hypnosis techniques designed according to the guidelines of hypnosis expert Glenn Harold.

The application offers 5 sessions of hypnotherapy that help you sleep soundly, in addition to three other tracks that can be used to achieve rapid relaxation of the body and mind.

The application offers two different types of hypnosis sessions, the first type is a 27-minute booster session, which takes the user to a state of restful sleep but wakes him up after the session, and this type is suitable for sleeping during the day. The second type, which is the main course of the application, achieves complete relaxation of the user's body and mind, enabling them to sleep more deeply, a 48-minute treatment session that will put you to sleep at the end, ideal for a night's sleep.

The app also offers an additional 61-minute Detox Your Life session that can be used to combat stress, stress, and other negative emotions in your life. In addition to these sessions, the app offers several e-books that increase your understanding of hypnosis, which can be used to learn self-hypnosis.

2- Relax Melodies

This application offers many options that will help you relax and fall asleep, such as calming sounds, meditation sessions to aid sleep, sleep stories, as well as breathing techniques. Where the application contains an audio collection of more than 100 clips of sounds and music designed by sleep experts, which the user can mix what he likes to form his own sound clips.

In addition to sounds, the application offers a series of exercises and innovative body movements developed in cooperation with sleep specialists. These gentle movements can relax the body to fall into a deep sleep. It is also possible to reduce anxiety, clear the mind and direct the user into a deep sleep through breathing techniques and meditation sessions provided by the application.

3- Sleep Cycle

This app takes a prominent place in the lists of relaxing apps. This application tracks and analyses the user's sleep patterns, then chooses the lightest sleep phase to determine the time to wake up, which is the natural state that ensures you feel comfortable and relaxed. The phone's built-in microphone captures the user's movements during sleep using sound and vibration analysis, and then the app analyses this data to determine if you are in the light or deep sleep phase, because people move differently in different stages of sleep.

It can also determine if you are in a dream state, known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Based on this data, it determines the optimal time to wake you up within a period of 30 minutes before the hour you set to wake up. The app's stats panel also displays graphs and analyses of sleep stages, as well as detailed information about the percentage of sleep quality and sleep and wake times, and can capture, track and measure snoring.

4- Pzizz

While we have provided applications that help relax and sleep, the function of this application is not limited to that only, but this application calms the mind and body, helps to fall asleep quickly, and prevents frequent awakening, thus giving the user upon awakening a feeling of rest and refreshment. It can be used by anyone who wishes to sleep deeply, especially those who suffer from the problem of excessive thinking. It relies on audio narration of a mix of audio and music designed with the latest clinical research to help you sleep better at night or take a restful nap during the day.

The applicator can continue to operate throughout the night, to maintain a stable acoustic environment and help prevent awakening caused by outside noise. As for the morning alarm, the application spends about 3 minutes gently waking the user up, through an alarm that the user sets as desired.

5- Sleep as Android

This application tracks the sleep cycle, and measures its quality in terms of sleep duration, the percentage of deep sleep, its efficiency, regularity or lack thereof, in addition to sensing snoring. This information helps the user to get a clear idea of ​​his sleep patterns and make the necessary adjustments to get a better and more efficient sleep at night.


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