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Another Perspective On Nutrition and Sports

Energy vs. Success

By Loredana EgriPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - October 2017

Because physical appearance plays a very important role nowadays, both nutrition and sports are subjects of great interest. Around them, real industries have been created that are generating enormous amounts of money, in a context where the trend of fattening and obesity in the world is steadily rising.

Nutrition, sports, what do we think when we hear these words? Health, physical appearance, effort? The articles in these areas influence our perception towards these directions, but I think it’s the right time for a new perspective: that of energy!

At this moment we associate the notions of nutrition and sport with the idea of health and physical appearance!

For a better understanding of what I mean when I refer to energy, try to think about those people in our group whom we always admire for the many activities they are involved in, who are never getting tired, who are never affected morally by the negative things that come into their lives, who, after everyone else falls to sleep, still have the energy to do something. In very large lines, that's what energy is about.

Each of us is born with a certain level of energy, but it is important to note that this level can be influenced, and here comes the real importance of eating and sports in our lives.


  • You feel overwhelmed by the tasks
  • You feel like you cannot think or you cannot understand what is being transmitted to you
  • You feel like it's all against you
  • You feel that you are no longer able to do anything
  • You feel you've lost your ideas, your creativity
  • You feel like you want to sleep constantly,

Before thinking you have a psychological or a bad luck/karma problem, try to identify whether the main culprit for these states could be a low energy level!

How can we influence energy in terms of nutrition and sport?

Do you know the saying: you are what you eat? Translated into energy, it means that if you eat things without life, you will feel lifeless. Try to test this for a few days, the variation of your energy when you eat lifeless food (biscuits, fried food, acidic juices, pastry, etc.) compared with the days when you eat a more balanced diet (grains instead of biscuits, sandwiches instead of pastries, a soup and healthy second course instead of the fried food, water instead of juice). Also, analyze your morale in those days when you haven't done any sport and compare it with the days when you did some sport (whether it is at the gym, at home, jumping rope, biking, climbing stairs, walking on foot, or any form of pulse-increasing and oxygenation).

You should see miracles! After you train your attention you will be able to see the differences in your energy from one day to another.

Why is it important to get to know and to become aware of our energy differences?

Our body has all kinds of ways of showing us something is wrong, but unfortunately, we do not always understand them well enough to treat them properly. A person who often feels the negative sensations mentioned before cannot build anything, whether it’s health, physical aspect or professional or personal success. I bring up the idea of success because 4 out of 5 people who apply for an interview say that the need for success in their life is mandatory. And then, it is wise for us to understand that success and personal satisfaction can’t exist without good energy.

Personal success is related to the energy level!

  • So beware of the signals that show there is a problem at the energy level:
  • You wake up hard in the morning even though you slept for 7-8 hours
  • You don’t have enough energy, not even for essential activities
  • You have a lack of ideas
  • You feel that everything is black, against you
  • You feel overwhelmed by the tasks you must do
  • You don’t see any way out, don’t see the opportunities

It’s important not to expect to notice these energy variations starting tomorrow! You will need a period in which to analyze your body so in the future you will be able to have a better understanding of who is guilty of the level of energy you have on a particular day!

If the promises for good health and a beautiful body didn’t make you more aware of your habits of nutrition and sport, maybe the perspective of having more energy for a more satisfying life will do it instead!

(The good part of this new perspective is that it does not require drastic changes in your current lifestyle, so it's very easy to implement it starting today)

To increase your energy level, it's enough to:

  1. Regarding nutrition: at every meal or snack, choose the healthier option you have within reach (instead of a biscuit, choose a fruit that you like or a cereal bar; instead of the junk food table choose a menu with soup and second course; instead of an acidified juice, choose a natural juice or water). So, very small changes, which anyone can do without effort.
  2. Regarding sports: it is good enough to make any kind of movement that's accessible for you (for example, walking to the shop instead of using the car; cleaning your house instead of calling someone; staying on your feet instead of sitting down; jumping the rope; climbing stairs; carrying your luggage, etc.). Just as with your nutrition, make very small changes that do not require any extra effort to fulfill them.

And, surprise! You can start making these changes today, you don’t have to wait for months like in the old scenarios :)

Big changes ALWAYS begin with small actions!

Therefore, if it’s important to you to have the right energy level in order to do everything that you propose to do in your mind, begin with small changes in food and sports, and your life will improve considerably!

It will not guarantee you a toned body or a perfect health, but it will provide you with a life full of energy and therefore more satisfying!

A lot of energy, dear reader,

(share with me your story about how energy improved your life)



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