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Always eat meat and never eat meat, which body is healthier?

by Lonetoft 2 months ago in health
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The advantages and disadvantages of carnivorism

Always eat meat and never eat meat, which body is healthier?
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There are two camps around "meat eating" - meat eaters and vegetarians. Vegetarians believe that their diet is a healthy diet, while carnivores believe that not eating meat is not healthy at all, and that eating meat is the only way to have strength and be healthier.

But before discussing whether it is healthier to eat meat or not, we may want to look at these two diets, respectively, what are the advantages and disadvantages, after reading perhaps we all have the answer in mind.

The advantages and disadvantages of carnivorism

Pros: Meat is the main source of protein and fat, our brain development can not be separated from protein, so eat meat can make our brain development more perfect, can make us become more intelligent, intelligence will become better. The body's activities need to consume a lot of calories and fat, and the fat and calories in meat are substantial, so eating meat can make us become more powerful and do our work better. Meat is one of the main sources of iron that the body gets and can replenish the body with blood. Also meat is rich in vitamin B12 and other vitamins, which can help the body improve its ability to fight germs.

Disadvantages: meat is high in fat and calories, eat too much meat, easy to make people fat, but also prone to three high cardiovascular and other problems. Meat contains very little dietary fiber and is difficult to digest, so eating too much meat makes you prone to constipation, indigestion, bad breath and other problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism

Pros: Vegetables are rich in vitamins, which can replenish the body with the many vitamins it needs, especially vitamin C. Vegetables are high in dietary fiber, which can promote digestion and make the stomach and intestines better. Vegetables are low in calories, so a vegetarian diet can help people stay in shape better. Studies have found that a vegetarian diet can reduce the chances of many health problems, especially cardiovascular problems, which have a very good preventive effect.

Disadvantages: vegetables have very few calories, it is true that eating vegetables can lose weight, but because of the lack of protein, resulting in the lack of energy, the whole person will become weak, and the reaction will become slow, the whole person will become stupid, memory will be reduced. Although there are also iron-rich foods like spinach, but the iron in vegetables is difficult to be absorbed by the body, so long-term vegetarianism can easily lead to anemia. Especially for women, long-term vegetarianism and low fat intake can lead to monthly amenorrhea. Long-term vegetarianism can easily lead to accelerated aging.

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of meat and vegetarian food, in fact, we will find that whether it is only meat, or only eat vegetables, for the health of all will create a not small negative impact, in fact, are not healthy. If you have to compare which is healthier, then vegetarian food is a bit healthier than meat, so eating too much meat is really quite a big impact on health. Now the overall situation in society, it is too much meat, many rich diseases are eating too much meat to eat out. But vegetarians should not be too happy, especially female vegetarians, long-term vegetarian diet, for health is also very bad.

From the advantages and disadvantages of eating only meat and eating only vegetarian, we can see that in terms of diet, we should eat both meat and vegetables for balanced nutrition. Meat has the protein and fat we need, and vegetables have the vitamins we need. There are also staples, which have the carbohydrates we need. In order to be healthy, we should diversify our diet and consume a variety of nutrients so that our body will be healthier


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