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by Katherine Loughery 2 years ago in diet

Water & a Review on Karma Wellness Water

All Natural Food Finds

If you are a survival show junkie like me then you know that your body can go weeks without food, but it can't even go days without water. Our body is mostly made of water, so it makes sense that we can't go without it. We lose two to three liters of water on a daily basis just through regular functioning, that doesn't count if you are sweating or being physically active. It is important to put back what you lose because water is used for a lot within our body, not just quenching our thirst. Water provides lubrication for our joints, to keep our brain and spine hydrated and functioning, as well as regulating temperature.

You can also get more nutritional liquids for your body in the form of tea, as well as in fruits and vegetables. And, while water is good for you, it can also be extremely harmful if taken in excess.

Recently I was sick for two and a half weeks battling bronchitis and a horrible stomach bug. Antibiotics weren't working and I made four trip to the emergency room that week. The last one was by ambulance and this was due to excessive water intake. Being laid up all week my legs were getting pretty swollen. I have some food allergies so I take Lasix, when needed, to get the water off. I am prescribed 40 mg, but when things are really bad I tend to take 80. Later that day I noticed that I was still really swollen, and not thinking about it due to being so under the weather, I took another 80 mg. My body started cramping up and I was so dehydrated that I spent the entire night chugging large glasses of water. I just couldn't quench my thirst. By morning I had drank several gallons, and was to the point I could barely function. My head was swimmy and I knew right away what was going on, I had flushed out all of my electrolytes by drinking too much water. I was put on an IV with lots of fluids and given extra electrolytes, they even ran an EKG and blood tests to make sure that everything was back on track before releasing me.

People have actually died from water overdose; yes, that's actually a thing. Excessive water puts strain on your kidneys as your kidneys can only expel half a liter of water per hour. Your blood becomes diluted and it drops your sodium levels and can cause something called hyponatremia, a condition that can be fatal and is often referred to as water intoxication. Babies actually are not supposed to drink water due to the fact their bodies simply can't process much of it at a time (diluting juice with it however is just fine).

Karma Wellness Water - I love trying new products and I found this amazing, very nutritional water. If you are looking for a great tasting, good for you beverage, then give Karma Wellness Water a try. Inside the cap are vitamins, you peal off the top sticker, push the button to infuse the water, shake, and drink. The Passionfruit Green Tea was amazing; it cost about $1.40 at my local healthfood store, Supernatural. I've found it in gas stations and in drug stores as well.

This water is unique because of it's infusion system. The vitamins are released into the water, which prevents the vitamins from losing their strength because of deterioration. This is done for optimal freshness and potency. It has 110% of FRESH A, E, D, and B vitamins. It also has a bunch of other good stuff, and only 20 calories for the whole bottle.

My theory is if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. Well, in the ingredients there were a bunch of long words I couldn't pronounce and after research they are the official names of vitamins.

It's an inexpensive, natural way to hydrate and get in some extra vitamins.


Visit Karma Wellness Water at

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