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There are no gimmicks needed for healthy, lasting weight loss. And there is science behind why it works, and even more behind why people are so heavy today compared to 100 years ago. Think about this... 100 years ago your grandparents were eating full sugar, full fat everything, and their meals consisted of butters, gravy, meats, and breads. There was nothing sugar free or fat free and yet people weren't obese. Why?

Well first off the size of the plates we serve our food on are a lot bigger. Portion control is one of the biggest problems with weight today. I bet you didn't think when you super-sized your meal you would be super-sizing your backside at the same time.

Next we have chemicals. They didn't have pesticides the way we do today, or meat and produce injected or chemically engineered to not get whatever disease is running rampant in that given year. I remember several years ago my neighbor's garden was full of blight and it was doing a lot of damage to local farms. I understand it happens but 100 years ago they came up with home remedies to combat such things, not whipped them up in a lab. So of course if they are putting chemicals on your food it is getting into your food, unless it has an exterior you peel and don't eat.

So we have portion control and pesticides. Now let's add in all the fake stuff they put into your food for colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. If you are a parent of a hyperactive child, a child with ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, or anything quite frankly... read the Feingold Diet book. I was on this as a child and while I was on it strictly for 10 years and it has made me have food allergies... it is meant as an elimination diet. By taking out things like food dyes you will see a huge change in your child. Preservatives are another thing that can cause issues (and not just in children). With this diet you take away all the possible triggers (so your child would just be eating all naturally, with the elimination of sugar also) and then you can add in foods and see when their behaviors increase.

Do you know that Aspartame (equal sugar substitute) is made of three toxic chemicals including wood glue and formaldehyde (yes, what they embalm people with after death). Yummm!! Not!

Now my advice to you before I close out this post is to start in baby steps. I had a friend lose weight recently and she said she started with what she ate, then after a month she added in exercise, and then added in more strictness in her food choices, etc. So my advice to you is to start by switching to all natural food. Let's get your system cleansing. Drink some green tea with agave or honey every day, and start using a half size plate or a bowl. After a few weeks then evaluate your progress and see what items you are eating that may have a higher fat and calorie content and make better choices. Marie's Yogurt salad dressing, for instance, has about 40 calories per serving over other all natural dressings made with oil. Choosing low fat milk, drinking more water (they do make all natural Crystal Light and other flavor enhancers if you don't like plain water). I make up hot green tea, add agave, then let it cool and pour it over ice.

Also, be sure to avoid those diet crushing triggers including boredom eating, mindless eating (wait, I didn't realize I was eating that bag of chips), stress/anxiety eating, or giving in to major cravings. If you want a peanut butter cup... get the single serving instead of the double or the king size. Portion control allows you to eat what you want, but in a way that is not throwing a kink into all your hard work.

I'd love to hear how you make smart choices with your all natural dieting!

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