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Age 70 is the lifespan decision period

by Seamons Mahall 2 months ago in advice
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Age 70 is the lifespan decision period
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Old age, sickness, and death are laws of life that few people can escape. At different times, the standard of living and the level of medical care is different, and the life expectancy in society is also a significant difference.

In ancient times, if people can live to 60 or 70 years old, then it is quite a long-lived representative, and in modern society, with the improvement of material conditions and medical levels, the average life expectancy of our residents has been increased to 76.7 years, and many elderly people can even live beyond 100 years.

However, while life expectancy continues to increase, it is an undeniable fact that as people age, their body functions and physiological structure will degenerate, making them prone to many sudden and chronic diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. Especially for the older generation, the average life expectancy is 76.7 years. Especially for the older generation, 70 years old may be a major threshold of life, after surviving a long and happy life, but if you can not survive, your life may only be suspended.

Many factors affect people's longevity, in addition to genes, lifestyle habits are also very important. Relatively speaking, after people reach the critical age of 70, the following five life characteristics, to a great extent, determine whether people live long life.

The first characteristic is exercise. Generally speaking, people will face retirement after reaching a certain age, and the life after retirement may be more leisurely, plus many people will become lazier after getting older, and do not like to exercise, but it should be noted that the phrase "life lies in sports" is very philosophical.

For both men and women, young and old, adhering to the movement will bring a lot of benefits, and for the elderly, combined with their physical condition, finding a suitable exercise method, is to affects their health is a very critical step.

The second feature is a healthy diet. According to relevant studies, compared to the past, people now have more and more types of diseases and the incidence of diseases is getting younger and younger. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is people's diet.

In the past, the food that people could eat in their daily lives, although in terms of variety and taste may not be as rich, relatively speaking, the food was very natural and healthy at that time. In modern society, many foods are processed through industrial methods, and to extend the shelf life of food and to enrich the taste of food, food contains a large number of additives, and the long-term use of these additives, more or less will cause some damage to the body.

Therefore, not only people should pay attention to a healthy diet after getting older, for young people nowadays should also do the same, that is, to consume more natural and green food, to minimize the consumption of junk food.

The third characteristic is a good mentality. Influenced by the environment and the reality of growing up, everyone's mindset may be different, and according to relevant studies, a positive and good mindset is more conducive to a longer life.

You know, the body and mind are connected, a person's state of mind is good or bad, directly affects the person's physical condition or not, and from real-life can also see, those who live a long life usually have an optimistic mentality, willing to treat life with a positive attitude. So if people want to live longer, it is essential to have a positive attitude.

The fourth characteristic is a regular metabolism. In the process of human metabolism, it is equivalent to the discharge of some harmful substances in the body in a natural way, thus affecting the health of the body to a large extent.

Especially for the elderly, when the body functions gradually weakened, the metabolic function may also degenerate, this time it is necessary to help the body's metabolism through scientific methods, such as exercise is one of the main ways. In this way, some of the toxins accumulated in the body will be eliminated, so that the body's functions become healthy.

The fifth characteristic is regular sleep. In the course of one's life, sleep is not only a very important stage of life, but sleep will have a full range of impacts on the human body. Generally speaking, good sleep can promote the physiological health of the human body, prevent aging, promote longevity, and so on. Especially for older people, in the body function is already fading premise, more regular sleep can make the normal functioning of the body organs, thus extending the life of people to a certain extent, which early to bed and early to rise is a very healthy way to sleep.

Through the above analysis, we can see that the length of a person's life, in addition to genetic and genetic factors can not be artificially changed, to a large extent with a regular lifestyle, a healthy diet, a positive mindset, etc. have a close relationship. For those who are old, and want to achieve a longer life expectancy, an indispensable step is to develop and long-term adherence to good habits.


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