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After 9 weeks, the four signs of the zodiac are redolent with

by Mao Jiao Li 2 months ago in spirituality
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Goods like wheels, see a lot of knowledge


Pisces people are sociable, generous to others, shrewd and flexible, to be able to have the ability and means to have the means, love budding, broken mirrors, love is more romantic, but also more attractive than a warm family. Very forthright and naive about emotion-related matters, Pisces people can be able to maintain an excellent state in front of everyone, it will be the moment when you usher in a turnaround, your career will enter a period of high-speed development, and your character is concentrated, no matter how the world treats you, please work hard as always.

After 9 weeks Pisces people are eager to be able to move freely, be eight-faced, save money wisely, be cautious and patient enough, be tolerant and not hold grudges, work diligently, and be cautious and upright if they are willing to work, they will get more, with the help of noble people, I can give full play to my strengths and make great progress.


Aquarius people should also stop being anxious, they exude a characteristic charm, ushering in new fortunes, eccentric fairies, hardships will not last forever, difficulties are only temporary, and you may have a lot on your hands. In the workplace is very eaten, all aspects are very smooth, Aquarius people are very clear about their future planning, now usher in the situation is great, the world is their own, has nothing to do with others, they will feel to understand the control of the other side of every aspect to make their peace of mind, lively and enthusiastic.

After 9 weeks Aquarius people continue to maintain, you will be more and more happy, poor for a while rich, have to bear, gold and money more and more, and life is also very full, look at the luxury exceptionally arbitrary, love is love, do not love is not love, like to use rational logic to think carefully and plan things, encounter small problems should be dealt with as soon as possible, so as not to turn into a difficult problem, your attitude is also worth everyone Learning.


Taurus people love the budding, broken mirror, good luck uninvited, the good heart has an incomparable tender heart, must career and love flourishing, usher in the god of joy, home is a series of happy events. It is constructive, Taurus people are prosperous, wealth is rolling in, outstanding ability, promotion, and salary increase, can be called a strong and sharp witty debater, in the career to be as hard, as usual, the usual heart is very important, in earning a high income, but also to be able to get recognition, life will be more smooth.

After 9 weeks the Taurus people will get a good marriage, and the next 20 days will be full of joy and good luck. Your thinking is calm, logical and objective, when people are pleased, it is more important to keep your heart, the emphasis is on home, family and the past, next week good luck will always be with them, they are both lively and boisterous, their attitude and reactions are very exaggerated.


Gemini love blossoms, fortune keeps going up, money and joy receive endlessly, with the benevolence of God, they can gain a lot in their career and are plain happy. They succeeded with real strength, their fortune skyrocketed, the strong sense of responsibility of Gemini people, their career development is getting smoother and smoother, their pots are full of money, they persist, their fortune is great, and their wealth is surely rolling in, they have been dominating their destiny, they are uncontested with the world.

After 9 weeks Gemini people's career is developing rapidly, they are full of confidence in the future, people are very good, this time you must not question yourself, especially easy to get the leadership of the value and recognition, and these are positive ideas, not no water in the well, but not digging deep enough, you will be partial wealth developed career heyday.


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Mao Jiao Li

When you think, act like a wise man; but when you speak, act like a common man.

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