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Adults Who Have Flat Feet: What to Put on Your Work File When You You Have a Job

by Jennifer La 2 years ago in body

Resources and Help

My first article is about, “What to do if You Have Flat Feet?" If you have not read it yet, I prefer you go read the first article. Then, come back to this second article.

Yes! I am an adult. I’ve been struggling with flexible flat feet for 19 years. I live in Logan, Utah. Lately, I’ve been job hunting for a new job. I remember my first job at Deseret Industries and job hunting. I am only here to talk about tips on flat feet. Possibly, in the future I will be writing different fun articles for you to read.

This is going to be a short version of my story. I was job hunting my first job. These are just snippets of my past. My first job was at D.I. I was ready to leave my job. I was ready to be a banquet server at a restaurant down south east of Logan. My job coach helped me get that job.

I was lacking something important on my work file. I put, "Flat Feet," on my work file in the disability section and my podiatry specialist. What was missing on my work file at that time? I was missing the words, "Vocational Rehabilitation," and a counselor's name, just in case if my work needed to contact him or her. I did not know, "Voc Rehab" existed.

In fall 2015, I had a problem with the new manager who came in. I hurried and asked my old manager if I could transfer over to the other restaurant up in the North West of Logan. She let me, and I stayed there for a long time. The event coordinators at the other restaurant wanted me back for Christmas, New Years, and other events.

During those months, I wanted to get out of my job quickly. I was talking to my bro Nathanael. He was helping me to open a small cleaning business. In March, I returned to the other restaurant. A few weeks later, the manager and the head server wanted to talk to me. All I can tell you they cut my hours and tried to make me resign. I went to talk to HR. Plus, I made the manager go to HR twice and made her look at my work file.

By the time I was ready to leave; I got my cleaning certificate and my small license business. I gave the new manager my two weeks notice. I was still there working on shorter hours. Two weeks later, I was bringing in my uniform which was a black shirt, black apron, and my crimson gold tie. I talk to the wonderful receptionist. I was saying my last goodbye to her and receiving my last pay check stub from her. She’s one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. I talk to her all the time, you know? I should have applied for the receptionist position and worked with her. I was happy leaving that place.

Well, let’s get back talking about resources and getting help in the United States. I am going to give you these tips. Not a lot of adults know where to get help. This includes adults who have flat feet and other disabilities. Also, on the support group I am following, I heard other countries are lacking podiatry specialists and foot doctors. I’m not sure if other countries have, "Vocational Rehabilitation Centers." All I know there is vocational schools out there.

  1. Go find a specialist who can understand about your disability.
  2. Go find the nearest Vocational Rehabilitation Center. You can google them where they are located. Book an appointment with them. You will have to watch a special video before you meet your counselor. They will take anyone in with all types of disabilities. (I saw the video twice. I will explained my full story on my official blog.)
  3. Go find a support group with people who have the same disability as you. You will find more resources from others and finding a great doctor near you. (I found my support group on facebook in 2017. I was struggling to the point and needed a support group. If you want to join the support group I am in. You can email me and I will send the link. Plus, you have to answer questions from Cheryl the administrator who created the support group.)

That’s all the rest of the tip’s I have for now. Watch for the next article coming out next month. My goal is to post every month. The next article is about, “What to do After Flat Feet Surgery?"

If you have any questions about flat feet, you can search online or just email me at [email protected] I will try my best to answer them.

Jennifer La

Jennifer La
Jennifer La
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Jennifer La

Everyone calls me Jen. I am from Utah. It's been about 2 1/2 years I've been writing about my flexible flat feet experience. I have this condition for 19 years. Also, I will be blogging about other thing's besides my flexible flat feet.

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