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A Very Serious Matter

by Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis 2 months ago in wellness
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A Sweet Killer

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

After realizing what is the principal root of my addictions, I spent days doing research to understand the whys behind my bad consumption habits. This step goes even before I look for some pragmatic solutions.

I don’t want to go back again to this kind of life, then I try as I could to know why I was submerged so profoundly in this addiction to sugar.

The result of my research was just sad and alarming at the same time: sugar addiction is a real matter in our contemporaneous society.

I was not the only child growing up with dependence to sugary food, and maybe I was lucky enough because I was not an addict to all kinds of junk foods and unhealthy juices, it was just cheering gums, sweet popcorn, cake, sweet coffee, and chocolate.

It seems that we have come to know more about food and diet, however, we have even worst consumption habits than ever before.

Why Are We Addicted to Sugar?

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

1. It Is just Cool

Imagine a Saint Valentine’s without chocolate, a Halloween without candies, or a birthday party without cake. The list would go on and on If I had to mention all these events in which we generally eat a lot of sugary foods.

It goes without saying that our society loves sugar and, it seems that in most cases we associate it with pleasure, luxury, enjoyment, and happiness.

While being treated special, sugar seems to be everywhere. Therefore, it is a pleasure most people can have access to, most of the time even unconsciously.

2. Sugar Is Everywhere

I don’t need to have many arguments, to affirm that sugar is one of the condiments that are used considerably. Even the most regular foods (even salty ones) contain a huge amount of sugar. Besides, it seems that we have been offered even more sugar each day and couldn’t resist the attraction.

As a matter of fact, the sugar market is only going up and is expected to go even higher. Well, why do we continue to consume sugary foods even when we know they might have some bad effects on our bodies? Why is sugar added in most foods and drinks?

3. We Are naturally Attracted to Sugar

As it has been demonstrated in this video, sugar stimulates the release of dopamine. To simplify let's say it reacts a bit like a drug or sex. Well! You know what I mean… Limitless pleasure!

We cannot prevent ourselves from being attracted to sugar. Its presence and smell hypnotize us, and its taste has us plugged in with a permanent adhesive tape.

That is, the more we eat sugar, the more we need, and the least the effect seems to be even though its reaction to our body is worsened as we start to overconsume.

4. We Are Forced into Consuming More and More Sugar

Apart from this natural attraction to sugar, the food industry is either not totally conscious of the effect of sugar or does not care enough about the consumers.

Whereas the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the amount of sugar in a person’s diet should be less than 10%, most manufactured food contains sugar at a quite high level.

The food industry is exploiting our natural attraction to sugar to increase their capital, and, by doing so, they are forcing us into entering into a never-ending journey in which we will need more and more sugar, because as you probably know sugar is addictive.

5. Depression and Stress

My long-term stress had a huge impact on my brain’s activity and lead probably to a dopamine deficiency. As a result, my need for stimulants, like sugar or coffee was continuous. I imagine that many people have experimented with something similar to mine.

The people of Gen Z have much more probability of being depressed and have much more access to external stimulants, like social media, sugar, etc. That is how the vicious circle of depression and external rewards is becoming a way of life.

Therefore, providing mental support is an effective tool to help people who struggle with food addictions.

While I am in search of new ways to foster my mental and physical health, I would like to know if you have ever been addicted to something. If you have already found an effective solution, tell us about it.

In an upcoming text, I am sure that I’ll be able to share the methods and materials, I will use so that I can be healthier and more resistant to external stimulation.

Thanks for reading this story! You’ve just encouraged me to write another one.

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