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A trip to the Spa

by A.A.C. 19 days ago in self care

Tranquility for the mind, body & soul

A trip to the Spa
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Your Calm Mind is the Ultimate Weapon against your challenges

Bryant McGill

Physical health is important, but mental health is the #1 priority to our happiness. That is why it is important that we find ourselves achieving a goal that leads our everyday life into a state of serenity. As I am writing this, I find myself listening to my favorite music that calms me down and takes me to my peaceful place: The Spa. Listening to Spa music is the closest thing for me finding zen and feeding my soul with much needed relaxation. As I write this, my goal is to take you on a journey of bliss so sit back and come with me on the journey of zen. I will explain and hopefully influence you as to why Spa music not only is for you, but for anyone who wants to feel as if they are at the Spa and achieve Ataraxia, or a sense of calm.

Listening to spa music does not mean you need to be at a spa. You can listen while driving to work, taking a walk in the park, cleaning or just doing nothing. What I like to do is play spa music while I am doing yoga, taking a bubble bath or evening just laying down in my room with the lights off while I do some deep breathing. I can tell you from experience that as soon as I began to listen to spa music along with doing yoga right before I went to bed, I found myself feeling calm and at ease. My mental health improved. My worries were gone. I honestly felt that my brain was on a vacation. Never did I imagine that something so simple as to playing spa music would bring me peace. Right now, I am calmly typing this while listening to “Monday/Midwinter” by Tom Eaton. It feels like I am on vacation from the world.

One of my favorite things about listening to spa music is that I just listen to the soft instruments. No words. No fast pace. Just soft music. Imagine this:

Your eyes are closed. You are playing spa music and with your eyes closed and laying down, you hear such beautiful music that takes your mind to a place that it yearns. Right now, the song on the spa channel is playing music from “Twas the Night” by Stephen Bacchus. You take deep breaths in...and out. In...and out. In...and out.

Relaxing right? It feels as if everything is still for a moment. No worries. No negativity. All tranquility.

Spa music is very easy to find. If you have Spotify, just look for the Spa channel. If you don’t have Spotify, you can also do what I do and just type in Spa music on Youtube. I recommend looking for the ones where it appears as if someone is getting a massage or rocks. There is also Stingray, which has the spa channel as well. However, the oldy but goody is simply buying spa music in stores.


In this day and age, there is a lot of stress surrounding us. Whether it is our jobs, relationships, mental health or simply just feeling not your best self. I have been there and like you, I wanted an escape where I can take myself at any time I wanted. I wanted the feeling of feeling like I was away from it all. Spa music gave me this because even though I can’t go to the spa everyday, I at least can have something close to it. As I end this story I leave you with this quote:

“Taking Time Out Each Day To Relax and Renew is Essential to Living Well”

Judith Hanson Lasater

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