A simple way of developing work capacity

Need an extra challenge to build your conditioning? Check this out.

A simple way of developing work capacity

[ ] Work capacity is defined by the amount of work done with the involvement of multiple energy systems.

[ ] While cardio is fine, it's main weakness is its inability to produce muscle/strength. Meanwhile, pure strength work with long rest periods (3-5+ mins) don't do much for conditioning

[ ] For this simple workout to get the best of both worlds, a kettlebell is needed and space for push-ups

For this workout, you'll be pairing up kettlebell swings & pushups. For those who don't know how to do a proper swing, here's a link below:


If regular push-ups are too hard, regress to incline or knee pushups.

If they're too easy, elevate your feet.

So for this particular workout, you'll start with a certain number of swings to do & that would be your "starting score". In this example, I'll use the starting score 200. So you'll have to do 200 total swings. Let's say you took a break, managing to do 50 swings in one go; your score comes down to 150. Afterwards, you'll perform 15 proper pushups. Because you took a break, you add 15 back to your score which brings it back to 165. In the next set you manage only 40 swings so it brings your score down to 125. However, because you took another break, you have to do another 15 pushups & add 15 back to your score which brings it back up to 140. After every superset of swings & push-ups, rest 2 mins. If necessary, increase your rest to 3 mins, if fatigue begins to overcome you

The goal?? To bring your score down to 0. The idea is to do as many proper swings as you can as it will bring your score down. Meanwhile every break you take to bring your score closer to 0, the penalty is 15 pushups & 15 swings are added back to your score. It's a physical challenge as much as a mental one!!!

Men generally use 24kg

Women generally use 16kg

(Feel free to use a heavier/lighter bell to fit your fitness level)

[ ] Starting score

Beginner: start from 150-200 swings

Intermediate: start from 200-350 swings

Advanced: start from 350-500 swings

Developing work capacity (or general fitness) doesn't always have to be about doing a bunch of exercises or being overly creative. Sometimes, simplicity & a masochistic mindset is all you need!!

Tarik Jamal Cordrey Jr.
Tarik Jamal Cordrey Jr.
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